Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things!

Lots of things make me smile. I would like to share four of these things with you. But, since this is my first attempt at a blog, what with pics and all, I don't know how it is going to go. (It's that whole "old dog, new trick" thing.) Wish me luck!

1. My daughters! One is a junior high student and one is a junior high teacher...soon! They are kind, hilarious, and a lot of fun!

Happy Hour in Omaha!
Oops, should have probably put "My Family" down. Sorry, Jimbo! My husband makes me smile (when he's not being a stern German) and when he is a good sport! He loves my cooking. Plus, he thinks I am adorable. That's always a plus.

Jimbo loving my gumbo & getting into the Mardi Gras spirit!

2. My colorful shot glass from Cabo. Great souvenir from a fantastic spring break trip with Kati!The picture makes it look like a tumbler... hmmmm a shot tumbler? I should market that idea. Wanna buy one?

Love this!

3. My IKEA curtains! I love my reddish/burgundy sheers with sunburst designs. That would be all I would need on my windows in my dining room... but right out those windows, across a small side yard,  is a neighbor... who watches us. I know this sounds a bit paranoid. But it's true. She used to be my boss... awkward. She would watch us and then make comments about our activities when I would see her at work. So, the room darkening solid curtain layer was added. (She still sees plenty through the sheer parts here and in the living room and when we are outside.) Enough about that for now!

4. My Spinach Artichoke Dip recipe...

I don't actually follow a recipe, but it always turns out great! Cream cheese, mayo, chopped marinated artichokes, thawed and squeezed chopped spinach, lemon juice, salt & pepper, and grated parmesan cheese- not the stuff in the green shake can! Huh, not sure how this paragraph got center justified. Oops.. Wait. I fixed it! Never mind.

So, those are a few of my favorite things! I would ask you to tell me a few of your favorite things, but since no one is reading this blog yet, except my oldest daughter, I don't expect many comments! (And, no, sweetheart, I won't pay you to read this... well, I will think about it...How much would it cost me?)


  1. SO excited that you are joining Kati and I in the blogging world! I will definitely be a faithful reader :)

  2. Yeah, Mom, you officially have two readers already, check out how popular you are! :)

  3. Wow, two readers. Twice as many as I thought I would have!

  4. Hi Sally, I love your new blog!!
    My new favorite thing is my brand new granddaughter, Hazel Christine.
    Can't top that.