Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cinco de Mayo

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

To celebrate Cinco de Mayo last year my daughter (Kati) and I ran in the Cinco de Miler race in Chicago. (I think the race was on the 7th, but I'm still counting it as part of my Cinco de Mayo celebration. I guess it was a three day celebration!)

My sentiments exactly, someecards!

It was a five mile race and it was so much fun. (Okay, the run itself was only barely, slightly fun-ish, but five miles is a long way for a sort-of runner like me!) Afterwards there was a fiesta. We ate tamales and listened to some Mariachi  music. It was a great way to wrap up the weekend of moving Kati out of college after her junior year.
This is now the end of her senior year. The Cinco de Miler is tomorrow, the day of her college graduation. So, even though it was a blast, the race will not become a tradition for us. And, since she is moving out of the Illinois area to Omaha, we probably won't run this race again.

After moving most of Kati's stuff out of her apartment yesterday, we will be able to relax a little tonight as we celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a family!

My fourteen year old was so helpful today. Here are a few pictures of the Not-So-Angsty-Teen helping us move her sister out of the campus apartment:
She is pretending to be a turtle. Love the turtle face!
The happy, caged beast!
Good job, girl. So proud of you. She was a trooper. She worked hard, was pleasant, and was fun to be around. Worth every penny.

What? Did I pay her to be a kind and helpful sister? Damn straight, I did. Money is a great motivator. I don't think it is really all that different than getting paid to go to work or getting a bonus based on your productivity. She will enjoy spending the cash and she was delightful pretty much all day. (Bribery is such an ugly word. I prefer to call it "positive reinforcement!")

So, have a great Cinco de Mayo. How will you celebrate? I am looking for an el grande margarita and some guacamole! (Probably butchered that. I only speak sarcasm and Ig-Pay Atin-Lay.) Adios!

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