Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crazy Storm

I love getting a deal. Bargains make me happy. So Groupon and Living Social are right up my alley. Sometimes the deals don't turn out so great -like a place has closed!  Then I am able to get my money back. That might be the best bargain of all... I got to have to excitement of the deal without actually spending money on the deal!

I realized this afternoon that I still had a deal at:
This place is in a town called Faribault about thirty minutes away. They make/sell some amazing, artisan (think that means expensive) cheeses. I had a deal to buy $30 worth of cheese and it only cost me $15. The cheese is pretty pricey, so a half-off deal is great.

I called up a friend and she agreed to come along with me on my cheese adventure. As I was driving to her house this is what the sky looked like:

Kind of ominous looking. I picked up my friend, Sheryl, and we decided to keep going. We were going 15 miles straight ahead and 15 miles to the right... looks like such a good idea.

It started to rain. My husband, Jimbo, is kind of a farm boy weatherman. He knows a lot by looking at the sky and checking the wind direction. He told me that there was going to be a bad storm that I would hit it going there or coming home. (He might have gotten that info from

So, it was raining and we saw a bit of lightning. (Opportune time for my friend to call her son who was golfing nearby and tell him to get the heck out of there. He, being a teenager, thought he was fine since there was no lightning where he was. Guess what, buddy? You are just two miles from where we are. Listen to yo' mama.)

We kept going. We turned off onto a county road that is a short-cut. There were several storm chaser vehicles along the side of the road. I guess that should have been a sign. Even the sheriff was stopped along the side of the road watching the weather.

Sheryl kept saying, "Are were sure we want to keep going?" To which I just kept saying in an earnest, quiet voice, "It's REALLY good cheese." I thought it would be fine. Plus, I hate losing money or wasting it even more than just as intensely as I love a deal.

We were coming into a small town called Morristown. And this is what was along the side of the road:


What the hail?  Lots of it. We got into the town, still about fifteen minutes from our destination, and there was flash flooding in the streets. (And, I know never to drive through running water!) Also, I didn't want to do something stupid and have Officer Mark talk to me. That guy takes his job very seriously... trust me... I know... I mean, I've heard.)

So, we pulled over. Time to admit defeat. Before I started for home I called The Cheese Cave. Their weather was worse than what we were seeing, they were right in the middle of the storm. They said they would honor my Living Social deal next week when I get back from my daughter's college graduation.

As of this morning, this was the headline on the Faribault Daily News website about the storm:

Severe storms sweep through Faribault, southern Rice County 
Severe storms raked through Faribault and southern Rice County Wednesday night, setting off tornado sirens as a rotating wall cloud was identified by Skywarn spotters. 
Yay, we didn't die AND I still get cheese... It's REALLY good cheese.

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  1. i love that you went on a "cheese adventure"... that's awesome!