Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Famous People

I live in a pretty small town. The population is 10% larger if you count the inmate population... I would rather not.

We have a Super Walmart, McDonald's, Taco John's, and Domino's. Those are the biggies. Pretty exciting. Oh, and I think we are up to.. well, I was going to say six stoplights... but that might be a little high. Let's see, one by the Catholic church, one at the center of town, one by the funeral home that isn't the Protestant one, one by our big grocery store, one by Super Walmart. Maybe only five...

Still for being from a small town in Minnesota, we have a few people who have made it big.

One of the kids from our town is a drummer with a band called Hitchville. I don't love country music. But I like Hitchville's music. They have their first CD coming out later this month. That's a big deal.
Not sure if this will work... but if it does, you should be able to hear their newest single. Click below to hear it! BUT WAIT. I have very limited skills... and if you click on it now, it won't open a new window, but it will take you from this page. So, you might want to finish reading this riveting blog first.... haha.

One of our residents made it big a few years ago by marrying someone from Journey. That's kind of a big deal. But, don't think it ended well, so, never mind.

Let's see... there was a guy who walked around the world quite a few years ago. Not sure if he was from here or if he started here or what, but he got all pissy with the townsfolk because apparently we didn't build him a big statue or something.
Well, I just read up on the guy. His name was David Kunst and it was a pretty big deal. Maybe we should have put up a statue. But for $3.00 I could get an autographed picture of the guy. What a bargain. Probably not gonna pony up for that business.

I think a kid that graduated from here about six years ago is kind of a famous hip hop musician. A white hip hop guy from southern Minnesota? That's pretty rare. In fact, I never really knew any white people had that skill...just kidding, but not really.

(His younger brother was my daughter's prom date one year...so, pretty sure that makes me famous-by association. I think he was her date her senior year.... the year she wore the short purply dress from some store at the Mall of America. It snowed on prom. Oh, Minnesota.)

I think it is probably not an appropriate song for children, not exactly sure... I can't understand a lot of it.

Anyway, here is one of his songs:

So, that's the famous folks I can think of for now. Thought of someone else earlier today... but don't remember who. Oh, yeah, we had a family win the lottery. That's about it.

Do you have a lot of famous people from your town?

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  1. I think we have six stoplights.. And I'm famous by association because his brother was my date. You're famous by association with someone famous by association. Not the same thing. :) Also I've never heard this one of Matt's songs... Not bad.