Monday, May 28, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 5)

Happy Memorial Day! It is such  sobering holiday, but for the most part we think of a day off work.

My town has a parade/memorial service. It is a great way to remember and think about some of the sacrifices that local veterans have made. I won't make it this year, because I would have to take my dad and there aren't any bathrooms nearby. Maybe next year...

It is time, once again, for the GBU & I am linking up with Kati and Kate for:
Classy Living
The Good:
On Friday night I drove up to St. Paul for a Saints' baseball game. Didn't realize they had been around for twenty years...but I had always heard how much fun the games were... plus my friend, Jodi, and I had free tickets from when we didn't-really-run-but-mostly-walked in the 5k Running of the Pigs in April.
In the cheap, cheap seats...
 Well, okay, in the free seats! (We were too cheap to spend money to upgrade.)

                     Wisconsin brats with the works!                               Petey P. Cup and me!                          
                                                                                 We're Facebook friends.
The Bad: 
Well, this was a tough one... because this week both my bad and my ugly were pretty awful!

Here was my view from the cheap seats at the baseball game. 

Nice silky panties, lady... but maybe it is time to buy some hip huggers... just sayin'. Yet, this wasn't the worst sight for my eyes...
This guy desperately needed a longer shirt and/or jacket... but the worst thing was watching his woman caress his chub. Made me kind of nauseous.... but I kept my brat down! 

The Ugly:
I got a tweet today from Cooking Shares that talked about shrimp skewers with spinach and feta pesto. I was intrigued by this because I had shrimp in the freezer ($5 at Aldi!) and close-to-rotting spinach in my fridge.... and I had just bought some feta at Aldi, too. I was actually going to follow a recipe! Mark this day down in history (clearly this is not something I am known for!).

So, I made it. Spinach, lemon juice, olive oil, and feta...wait... I thought I bought feta, but I guess it was blue cheese. Almost the same thing. They are both pungent cheeses.

But if I was going to use blue cheese I remembered that I had a really old chunk of blue cheese in the fridge. It was a little, ok, a lot, moldy, but really? It is blue cheese, it has veins of mold running through the whole thing. So, I cut off the mold on the outside and crumbled it in the food processor.
Mixed it up and...
that is some ugly cheet.
 Once the shrimp were done I thought I would be brave and try the shrimp with the pesto.
The Ugly of the weekend? Well, obviously how the pesto looked...but also, how it tasted. Not something that made the shrimp any better. The shrimp were fantastic all by themselves... think I will chuck the pesto... and to think, I even followed the recipe... well, sort of...

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