Friday, May 4, 2012

High Five for Friday

Happy Friday! On Fridays a lot of bloggers link up with Lauren with From My Grey Desk to bring their readers High Five for Friday! This is a chance to look back at the week and list five highlights.


I love this idea in that it makes you sit, reflect, and look for the great things that might already have been forgotten! So, I think I will give this a try!

1.  Um... maybe this is a bad idea. It has been a long, hard week. Not sure if I can come up with five things...maybe not even one? That is sad. I will try harder. Dang, only coming up with things that are food and alcohol related. Not sure that is what anyone had in mind when they came up with this idea!

Well, here is my top five list. I will start with the food and go from there.

1. Made some yummy cheese pizza for supper one night. That doesn't usually count as a meal  around here since it is meatless, but sometimes Jimbo just has to tough it out.

The crust recipe is pretty easy, it is Giada's recipe. (She is so cute. Pretty sure I was never that gorgeous nor was my bosom so perfect...) I couldn't find this exact recipe online. I have it in a Bon Appetit magazine from a few years ago. If you would like it, I will put it on here someday!

2. Another food listing. This supper was kind of lacking in the meat area also... but it did have some ham in the sandwiches. I made grilled ham/pepper jack cheese sandwiches on ciabatta rolls with a sweet chili mayo. So good. Added some creamy potato soup to the male (didn't do that on purpose... Freudian slip) meal because it was actually cool outside.

grilled ham & cheese on a ciabatta roll w/ sweet chili mayo
Such a bad picture of my husband. He rarely smiles for pictures, well, he thinks he is smiling but the smile doesn't always come through. In fact, a lot of the time his amused face looks very similar to his unamused face. I think he was trying project a "Mmmmmm, good!" type of face.. mighta missed the mark.

The sweet chili mayo was wonderful on the sandwiches. I just mixed mayo with this product:

That really made the sandwiches great. Added a nice, sweet kick.

The soup was delicious. I really cheated on this recipe! (Don't tell my family, I acted like I had slaved over that soup for hours. All that chopping and dicing... they think they owe me. Works out well.)

Very high in sodium and not gluten-free... but great for people who are trying to make dinner in a hurry for people who don't have to watch those two things.

3. We are ready to load the trailer! We are using the living room as a staging area for all of the stuff from home that my college girl will need in her new adult life. Good to have it all down from upstairs with minimal crabbiness on the part of the Stern German and the Angsty Teen.

some of the goods
4. We are heading down to my college girl's graduation. It will be fun to see her. But, it will be a lot of family togetherness. (In other words, the Stern German with his not amused/amused face on and the Angsty Teen complaining all weekend about how the weekend is "all about Kati!") Vicodin, take me away!

Hey, this is an update at 2:00 am Friday. We got the trailer loaded and people were relative pleasant/helpful. (Definitely a God thing.) And... we have arrived in IL. Staying at my favorite Country Inn and Suites through Priceline for a $40 bid! Free internet, a great hot breakfast, fridge, microwave, pool, and hot tub. I love Priceline.

I really loved Kati's blog post yesterday about The End. Such a fun time in life. So jealous... but really.

Hey, that's my kitchen. I thought she took this picture at school.
5. I didn't need The Kit all week! I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this fifth item. The Kit is a compact... um... well, it is very similar to a diaper bag... but it is for outings with my elderly parents. Lots of gloves, wipes, etc.... you get the idea. I love not using it!

Hope your week was great. Would love to hear some of your highlights!


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