Friday, May 25, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 4)

Once again linking up with Lauren to bring you the five highlights of my week.

1. I got to see this artwork at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. I have been in the Gonda building many times over the past five years where this artwork is displayed. I love this. Sailboats...made of a variety of metal for the most part.
 Look a little closer at what they are made of:
There must be a cut up metal sign from a church in this one...
 see the words "morning" and "services" on the sailboat below?
 Then, if you look closer at this left sail you can see something that is not made of metal. 
It is made of plastic... what is it?
A scraper from a George Foreman grill!

2. After a really long day Wednesday and Thursday I received this text from the Stern German at about 4:00 pm:
             JIMBO: Do you have time for a glass of wine with me when you get home?

Ah...yeah! ("Hell to the yes on that!" is what I really wanted to write!) Kind of a no brainer. But, glad he thought of it and impressed that he planned ahead (by about ten minutes) and texted me about it! That boy is learning my love language... after a thousand years together.
Here are our empty glasses. Wonder which glass was mine?

3.  On Monday evenings we watch my stepdaughter's little guys for a few hours. Gives us a chance to see them and for them to know us. Here is the Angsty Teen being a wonderful auntie:
He is such a cute little chunky guy! We call him da Phat Baby... Pretty Hot and Tempting! Thick thighs are so cute on him... unfair. 

4. I bought some bright capris...Not exactly sure this is a good thing. Pretty much think I am too old and/or too chubby to pull this look off. However, my daughters assured me that they looked good on me.

 I think they are both just really threatened by my beauty and wanted to make sure the world saw how big my butt really is so that they looked way better than me... no, probably not, since they already look much better than me.

Here is how they look on a plus size model (sort of..small pic that didn't enlarge too well!):
You get the idea. Isn't there an age limit for wearing these? Shouldn't there be?

5. Going to a St. Paul Saints baseball game tonight! I am excited to do something with a friend.

 A few weeks ago this friend and I went up to St. Paul and walked/ran a 5K called The Running of the Pigs. It was to kick off the season of the Saints' minor league baseball team. It was a blast and as part of the deal we got "free" tickets to a game in May. Since there are only three games left this month, it is time to go!

Here is a picture of us with Mudonna the Saints's mascot!

I was leaning into the picture because I thought it was a close up! Oops.

And, here is the group of people we were envious of the day of the race:
They signed up to run the 0K.... the race where your start time is the same as your finishing time and you can just sit and eat and drink while you cheer for everyone in the 5K! Brilliant idea!

Hope your week was good! Have a great holiday weekend.


  1. hahaha phat baby! I love it! he's SO CUTE!! have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by the blog.........get that man on those shelves!!!

    Bright capris are a great thing! Strut your stuff!!!!

    1. Yeah, don't think those shelves are going up anytime soon...but maybe I should bring them up and at least get them in the room where I want to put them!