Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jenny's Living Room

Thoughts from last Saturday:

In Fargo. Sitting in my friend's living room. It is 9:30 Saturday morning.
It's the day of the Fargo Marathon. Her house is a block away from the marathon route in Fargo. There has been a a loud band playing for over an hour and a half. I am sure it would be fun to be down there WATCHING, as opposed to running in, the festivities, but I am sitting in her great living room in my pjs drinking coffee from her Koerig. Plus, it is about 65 degrees and windy. Maybe a great day to run, not to observe.

Last year I was here and ran, and I use that term loosely, the 5K the night before the marathon. I am really not a runner... pretty sure this is true:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

But, on the bright side:
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

 This year I came up to go to a wedding the night of the 5K. The reception was across the street from the Fargodome where the 5K starts and ends. Dang. That was unfortunate as far as traffic went.

So, I am the only one awake in this house right now. How can you sleep through a band? Also, not sure the vocalists are all that great. But, the music sounds pretty good. Karaoke?

Nope, walked down to the end of the driveway to look.. I am still in my jammies (and, yes, Angsty Teen, I did have a sports bra on so my bidness wasn't just floppin' around in the breeze... Does that make you happy?).
Yes, I can tell that it does.

Guess it is a live band. Three hours is a long set. Three hours is a long time to listen to them. But, I am enjoying my morning.

I do love everything in my friend's house. Thought I would show you her perfect living room. It's great.
I am starting facing the back of the room and turning clockwise...
This next pic is a little dark...
Closeup of the artwork in the second picture:
These pieces are to the left of the couch in the first picture.
She just has some great stuff and I always love sitting in her house. It is kind of calming.

Actually, the longer I sit in her living room hearing the band play down the block, I might have been a little overly generous in my first analysis of the band's musical ability. Really? Hotel California? The problem with that song is that, especially if you can't play it well, it lasts forever. 

Well, it finally ended.

Smashmouth? Much better. "Hey now, you're a rock star."

Happy Saturday!


  1. you are right! so adorable! i love the cute little floral chairs. i would love to have them for like.. a summer home. if i had a summer home..or a real home even aha.