Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting (Week 5)

Weeks sure go by quickly and I really don't feel that I get much accomplished. I probably do... just not things that are very measurable.

Pinterest? I rarely take time to go on there and browse, which is too bad. There is some great stuff on there! Glad I am able to once again link up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple. Here are my favorite pins this week:

There are a lot of pictures in this pin. They are all pretty clever.
Source: via Sally on Pinterest

Sounds like a Libertarian way of thinking!

I know I have seen this before, but I have never remembered to try it. Definitely would keep the top of the can paint-free.

Yesterday I wrote about trying this recipe...

But mine turned out like this:



Everything I made with the chicken, black bean, and corn mixture was great!

Happy Pinning, everyone.


  1. is that the same baby in all those pins? omg. creative.

  2. Those baby pins are fantastic! So creative!

  3. Love love love the baby pins! So adorable!

  4. Yum!! Those recipes sound/look amazing!