Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thirsty Thursday (Week 2)

I am going to link up with the people I linked up with last Thursday!
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Thirsty Thursday Happy Hour is really fun! To participate I am supposed to give a recipe for a cocktail and then just write about anything and everything. Just ramble on and on. Don't really know if I can do that. Not sure if I am a rambler... wait... yep, I think I am...

I was actually planning ahead on this. Several weeks ago I had pinned this 
Strawberry Reisling Slushy recipe:

A few days ago I hulled the berries and took pictures... getting things all ready for this post. I was going to make this slushy! The frozen stuff is ready to be put in the blender with a cup of wine. But, as is the case for most you, my life rarely seems to go the way I think it will go. Really. Do you ever get to plan your life?

The slushies will have to wait another week. Damn.

Instead I am telling you to get a bottle of Kinky Liqueur because it can be used to whip up a quick cocktail (also because I didn't think telling you to get out a LARGE glass and fill it with wine counted as a cocktail recipe!).
This stuff is amazingly delicious! I haven't done a lot with it. But it is wonderful in some Diet 7-up Cherry Antioxidant pop (or "soda" if you are from the south?) over ice. Plus pretty glassware makes it even better!
That is the (really easy and delicious) drink recipe of the week. I don't have random musings to share. But if you keep reading I will tell you about the latest happenings in my life that made me unable to take the time to make the Strawberry Riesling Slushies. (Again... damn.)

The Stern German called me from work yesterday and wanted me to set up a doctor's appointment for him. (I didn't tell him, but by the time he explained all his symptoms to me he could've called the clinic and set up his own appointment.)

He was having "chest discomfort" and someone at work was telling him to go to the doctor. (Sure, listen to some guy, but not to your wife... well, he hadn't really mentioned these symptoms to me, but in general he doesn't go to the doctor no matter what I say.)

The Stern German went to the doctor over five years ago and was told he had high cholesterol. He was supposed to go back w/in a month and be put on medication if diet & exercise didn't help.

He is a guy.... a very typical guy...a very typical Stern German kind of guy... and he never went back. Nor did he really make any major lifestyle changes. (Plus whenever he ticks me off I make Fettuccine Alfredo for supper and give him beef sticks or crackers w/cheese & summer sausage for a snack.)

He always said that feeding him those foods would backfire because he is too ornery to just kick the bucket... he says he will just live in an impaired state and I will have to take care of him. Damn. (Just kidding... not about the not dying... just the impaired state.)

When he got home from work (what? take time off to see a doctor?) I drove him to a neighboring town to Urgent Care. They walked him over to the ER at the attached hospital when he told them what was wrong. After a few hours in the ER, they thought he should see a cardiologist ASAP & ambulanced him to Rochester to the Mayo Clinic just an hour away.

Today after lots of test they said that he is fine. His cholesterol is high, but there is no sign of any damage from heart disease. (And, yes, they did finally find his heart... even though, like the Grinch, it was three sizes too small.) He isn't really all that bad of a guy... at least not all the time. Deep down, he is really a great guy. He has mellowed a lot over the years... and I have grayed a lot over the years.

They are saying he might have a pulled muscle. He thinks it might have been from straining to take his too-tight rain boots off of his hot, sweaty feet after turkey hunting all day. Seriously?

On the plus side, he plans to get to a doctor and start taking better care of himself. He will live for freaking ever.  (yay...there goes the plan for our husbands to kick the bucket and my best friend and me to get a condo in Florida when we are old.)

The Stern German will be around for a long, (long, long, long, long, long) time. Pretty sure he is on to me about all the fatty snacks. I'm not too I guess I do say "Cheese and salami for you tonight." after he ticks me off. But pretty sure fatty snacks are his love language...

Oh, well.

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  1. That drink you made looks awesome! So summery and refreshing!
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