Saturday, June 16, 2012

Best. Dinner. Ever

Just had to share with you the wonderful dinner we had tonight, but since you will be reading this on Saturday, I guess it is the great dinner we had last night.

Last Wednesday when I shared some of my favorite things I had "pinned" on Pinterest, this is one of the things I thought looked wondrous:

This is from Kate over at The Small Things Blog. I do love this girl. She is adorable. She seems very sweet and would be delightful to spend time with. Even as an old lady who always seems to wear her hair the same way, I love to look at her hair tutorials. It is fun to look at her ideas and she has helped me figure out a few ways to be a little cuter. And, although the Angsty Teen is already a hair genius. She gets a few ideas from this blog, too.

Kate's recipe is in this blog post. Here is her picture of her ingredients:
My ingredients were similar... My loaf of French bread was WAY bigger. I bought mine on the day old bread rack at our Walmart. I have been there four times with my dad this week. He felt the bread when I put it in the basket on the front of his wheelchair. He didn't think it felt like it would be good for anything. But, he really never shopped cheaply before.. that was my mom's department. I knew it would be great... and I saved a whopping $.50!

I figure the whole cheesy bread recipe cost me about $4.50 and there was enough for at least five or six people. The whole dinner (salad with chicken and cheesy bread) cost under $9 and would have fed about six people.

My cream cheese was from Aldi... and I had bought the Neufchatel. It is a little lower in calories... clearly that has made a difference in the size of my butt over the years... well, maybe it has... could always be bigger... dang.

The original recipe called for 3-4 cloves of crushed garlic. I used three smallish sized ones and I used my garlic press. Three smallish ones still made it pretty garlicky.

Also, I knew I had Mozzerella cheese in the refrigerator, but I didn't have the full amount. I added some Parmesan and some sharp cheddar to the mix.

I was not sure that there would be enough cheesy mixture for my bigger loaf of bread. But, it was fine. There was plenty of cheesy goodness!

I followed Kate's directions (really, I did... I think...). She said it was important to cut the loaf into slices after you spread it with cheesy goodness and before you baked/grilled it (paraphrasing here). So I cut through the loaf on the diagonal and wrapped it in foil. Then I brought it out to the Stern German to grill while he was grilling the chicken for our Chicken Caesar Salad.

He put it on the upper rack of the grill and it sat there for about 30 minutes.

Our local Hy-Vee grocery store (seriously, if you aren't from Iowa, Minnesota, or Nebraska you have probably never heard of this place) has had Dole Caesar Salad kits on sale for under $1 quite frequently. Such a great salad... and an even better main course if you add meat... well, chicken, which the Stern German really doesn't count as meat.

Here is what my salad looked like:
 This is what my bread looked like:
 And, this is what my dinner looked like:
It was such a great dinner. The salad was delicious and the garlic cheesy bread was amazingly wonderful. I have some pretty strong garlic breath... but it was worth it! (If Kati and/or Kate came to visit me I would definitely figure out a way to give them this bread in a gluten-free form.)

Also, to make it an even better dinner, I added a glass of this:
Best. Dinner. Ever.

I think the cheesy spread would be great with some spinach and/or artichokes in it... kind of like the spinach artichoke dip I love to make. What else would be good in it? Would you make this cheesy garlic bread?

Today I am on the Mystery Fun Day with the Stern German. This is his birthday present from me. I hope he enjoys the day. I love adventures. The Stern German? Not so much... but he loves me so it will all be fine.


  1. Oh my goodness, that sounds amazing! We will definitely have to make a gluten-free version someday :)

    Enjoy "Mystery Fun Day"! I can't wait to hear the details. I'm sure Jimbo will have fun :)

  2. This looks delicious! And fairly simple, which means I could probably figure out how to make it! haha :)

    I wonder if some form of sun-dried tomatoes would be good on this bread, too?

    Also - love Hy-Vee! Especially their sales on the bagged salad - makes me actually eat salad!

    Hope you had fun on your Mystery Fun Day!

    - Sara