Monday, June 4, 2012

GBU! (Week 6)

I am linking up with the Ks... Kati and Kate for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend:
Classy Living
Not sure exactly where to start... it wasn't a bad weekend... just interesting?

The Good: My 81 year old father is supposed to be getting out of the nursing home TODAY! It has been a looooong four months. He fell, was in the hospital, had a stroke, and went to the nursing home. A few weeks ago the nursing home higher uppers said that he had plateaued and should spend the rest of his life in the nursing home. 
Really? The whole point of moving him and my mom to an assisted living facility in my town over  a year and a half ago was so that we could deal with this kind of stuff. (Hire services as necessary with my brother's half of the inheritance.) That's how this is supposed to go down. 

Now he is getting out! He started doing PT with someone at the local hospital instead of with someone at the nursing home a few weeks ago and he has definitely made progress. I am exhausted and emotionally wiped out. I have been with him 6-8 hours a day. He is legally blind and hasn't thrived in the nursing home. There will be a whole new routine for our lives as of Tuesday! 

The Bad: The Stern German is doing well. (No, that isn't a bad thing...) But the Stern German and I spent most of Saturday together. We drove to three Targets in three different towns to get the lawn chairs he was wanting to get for his side yard. 

Throughout the entire time together on Saturday the Stern German didn't have any chest discomfort. Seriously? I do not cause the chest discomfort? No, in fact, being with me makes it better? This could be causing a whole lot of togetherness in the near future. That might be bad. 
Hopefully when he returns to work tomorrow he will feel okay. It would be awful if work caused the chest problems.... and I didn't.... he would end up being home ALL day, EVERY day. There aren't enough boxes of wine in my town to get me through that much togetherness! Pretty sure I am joking...

The Ugly: School's out for summer...

This could be good news, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The Angsty Teen was definitely full of angst throughout the weekend. Not always, but enough to where I am wiped out.. and it doesn't bode well for the next three months.

 Of course, it could be the other areas of my life that are contributing to this exhaustion. 

The Angsty Teen is a lot like the girl who had a curl down the middle of her forehead... remember that poem?

When she was good, she was very, very good...
But when she was bad, 
 She was horrid.
It's gonna be a long summer...
                                                                             might need a larger fridge.