Monday, June 18, 2012

GBU! Week 8

Well, the weekend is over. It is time for me to link up with Kati at Incorporating Color and Kate at Classy Living to give you The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend!
Incorporating Color
Here we go!

The Good:
There was a lot of family togetherness (aka Forced Family Fun) with the Angsty Teen, the Stern German, and me.
The Bad:
Hmmmm... well, I guess this would be that there was a lot of family togetherness with the Angsty Teen, the Stern German, and me,
The Ugly:
Well... here it is...

Wait for it.....
There was a lot of family togetherness with the Angsty Teen, the Stern German, and me.

Dang. That wasn't very exciting for you to read.

I will try again.

The Good:
I planned the Mystery Day of Fun read about it here to celebrate the Stern German's birthday. I had the day all planned... and even though things really didn't go as planned, it was a nice day on the whole.

We were driving in the Minneapolis area... before we had been on the road fifteen minutes the Stern German had already told me that he like how gregarious and fun-loving I was in life. That was nice. Within a couple more minutes he had already told me to shut up. Pretty sure he doesn't like being teased about his stern Germanness. Pretty sure he was joking...
 I had forgotten how much the Stern German doesn't like metropolitan traffic. In hindsight, and you know what they say about her... I should have driven. I don't mind the traffic or the construction or the idiots. The Stern German dislikes all of this... especially the idiots.

So, we get to the Latin restaurant that we were going to eat lunch at... and the sign doesn't have the right name on it... and it is closed... not sure if it is closed permanently or just for lunch on Saturdays.  Dang.
 Plan B: We were going to go on two brewery tours... one at 1:00 in St. Paul and one at 3:00 in a town about twenty minutes west of St. Paul. That morning I wasn't able to double check plans as we didn't have any internet service. I was trying to check all the details on my phone... but couldn't do that until we were much closer to the metro area.

Turns out that the first brewery tour was supposed to be at 11:00 not at 1:00. Missed that one.

Plan C: We drove out to the town for the second tour (the Stern German still doesn't know that we had another tour planned first!). Decided to get lunch there. I have always heard about their nice downtown area with coffee shops and gifty shops and bookstores... thought that might be fun to walk around for a while.

On the way there it started pouring. Walking around sounded like a terrible idea.

Plan D: By this time the Stern German was starting to get a little... um... stern. When he needs food, he needs food. It was a little after noon.... so, it was time for lunch. Instead of driving to find the nice downtown area which I didn't think he would appreciate, we went to Bdubs. (Told him to choose from the restaurants we could see... thankfully he didn't choose White Castle...)

He was happy (might be too strong of a word)... um, he was pleased.

After lunch we went to Lowe's. Looked at concrete blocks/pavers for a patio we want to put in on the side of our house... so we can put up the pergola and the privacy panel and block out the nosey neighbor.

Made decisions on all of that and then the Stern German's phone rang. AND... he answered it. Really? We are on a hot date here at Lowe's.... Well, he was gearing up to be on the phone for a while with someone from his work... kind of a troubleshooting call. So I started meandering.

The Stern German had said that tomato plants were verboten this year. Seems that he thinks I never really take time to care for them or pick those things in a timely manner (that may be true). So, I decided that if he was going to be on the phone on our hot date, I would wander through the plant section.

Basil. Needed basil. Went to pick some the day before... there wasn't any because I hadn't planted any this year. Needed basil... definitely.
 Since the Stern German was STILL on the phone, I decided that maybe I might need one tomato plant... well, one regular one and one cherry tomato plant.
 Along came the Stern German and because he loves me and because I smiled sweetly the plants got to stay in the cart.

Then we went into the tool section. Seriously? How many different tools are there? How many different tools do you need to look at?

 They were all looking the same to me. However, I was sweet and charming and acted slightly interested in the tools. He probably didn't know I was acting.

Now it is finally time for the brewery tour. He looks all happy because he is going to get free beer.
The tour was good. One of the owners led it.... it was interesting. The owner is the guy on the right. The guy on the left? Pretty sure he got in with a fake ID... I saw him flash his license to the person at the door. He was pretty quick about it and he definitely had his thumb over the picture. He got in... got to go on the tour.. got to have free beer samples... and since he was in, no one else carded him when he wanted to buy glasses of beer from the tap room. Well played, buddy. But you didn't fake me out.
Who goes on a brewery tour by themselves?
The Bad:
Some of the day wasn't so great... I dislike riding through metro areas with the Stern German driving. Please remind me of this the next time I want to plan some FFF.

The Ugly:
Again, it would probably still be that there was a lot of togetherness this weekend.... with the Saturday Mystery Fun Day with the Stern German or running family errands on Sunday with the Stern German AND the Angsty Teen. It was just a lot of FFF.

Or it could be the toasted ciabatta I burned... kind of a toss up... At least with the bread I didn't have to ride in a car or shop with it for hours upon hours... just sayin'.
What did you do this weekend?

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