Monday, June 11, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 7)

It was a weekend full of FFF (Forced Family Fun). The Stern German and I all road-tripped to Omaha to see Kati who had picked the Angsty Teen up from volleyball camp. With a weekend full of togetherness I was concerned about this GBU post. Thought there wouldn't be much good stuff to write about.

The Good:
We ate some really good food!

Do you ever watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives? I like that show. A few months ago I had seen part of a show where Guy went to a place in Omaha called Big Mama's. Since they had a nice gluten-free menu, I thought we needed to there for a late breakfast on Saturday.
A picture of a picture...

It was in a unique location. It was in an old school cafeteria that was on the campus of a ministry called Turning Point. It looks like it offers a variety of services and ministries to people of all ages. Big Mama's restaurant is right in the midst of their 23 acre campus.

The campus was surrounded by a fence and the Angsty Teen noticed barbed wire around the top... keeping people in??? or out??? Probably out...

They had a delicious cranberry sun tea drink that three of us tried.
Loved the tablecloths!
She loves her biscuits and gravy!
Happy with her gluten-free pancakes!
He is really happy with his omelet! (Is it hard to tell?)
That is his amused face...
I had fun with my family!
(and I liked my food..)

The Bad:
How old am I? I woke up Saturday morning to notice this picture on our hotel wall. Some guy... not sure who he is... but when I looked at the entire picture in the dim light... it was kind of disturbing... couldn't figure out what that stick-like thing was supposed to be... 
And, being the good mother that I am, I proceeded to point (no pun intended) the picture out to my family. I thought it might be an oil well... but I think it is a stick with keys on the end... I don't get it. An unfortunate picture... but a really weird choice to put on your hotel walls. Mr. Sheraton, perhaps?
The Ugly:
For having been at a grueling volleyball camp for the two days before I got down there, the Angsty Teen had done remarkably well at being responsible, respectful, and fun to be around.

However, all good things must come to an end. The end came on Saturday night when we went out to a Cuban restaurant for supper. (I had bought a Groupon deal a few weeks before...gotta love a bargain. I paid $30 for $60 worth of food with four glasses of wine!)

No, you may not stay at your sister's apartment all by yourself.

Yes, you have to change out of your volleyball clothes.

No, you may not stay at the hotel by yourself.

We finally got to the restaurant.... No, you may not stay in the truck by yourself. (Although that idea was sounding more and more appealing to me... we would have cracked the windows for her in the 90 degree heat. I am sure she would have been fine...)

So, let the Crab Fest begin. Didn't want to order anything off of the menu....
She is usually a pretty adventuresome eater. This is the child that ate a camel burger last summer... But, no amount of talking could get her to try ANYTHING on the menu.
The appetizer made us all (minus the Angsty Teen) laugh... they were balls of seasoned mashed potatoes breaded and deep fried. They were sized... everyone (minus the Angsty Teen) thought they looked like... well, never mind...

After a quick side conversation with her mother (if I had let the Stern German deal with it she would have ended up in tears) and the explanation of how financial ruin would be heaped upon her with one $5 fine after another for orneriness ... and with ornery comments twice in quick succession and the total adding quickly up to a $10 fine, she managed to pull her head... I mean herself out of her funk...
 Kati coping with the Angsy Teen
Me coping with the Angsty Teen
Also, since the deal included four glasses of wine,
I drank the Angsty Teen's glass...
that helped tremendously.)
 And she finally ordered French fries...
Everyone was happier!
Glorious magical, mood-altering French fries


All in all it was a nice weekend. The Stern German grilled lots of chicken for Kati to eat in the coming weeks. Sunday we had brunch by the pool with sausages he grilled, eggs Kati scrambled, and the peach mimosas we poured.

A fine weekend.... but I think Kati was glad to see us hit the road... 

Wonder what her GBU will be about her weekend? Hopefully she found something good about having us around!

What did you do this weekend?
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  1. That hotel pic is super bizarre!!!

    1. I know... can't quite figure out the significance... or maybe I just shouldn't... :)

  2. I laughed out loud for like five minutes about the "angsty teen"... and the ball food...

    Also, are you three girls related? I couldn't tell by the thumbs up pictures? :)

    1. Try living with the Angsty Teen... you wouldn't really be laughing... unless you had just the right amount of alcohol....

      Haha... never noticed that all three were thumbs up pictures. Scary.