Friday, June 22, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 8)

The week is over and I am linking up with Lauren to give you the the highlights of my week!

1. I heard good things.
Kati is making friends and discovering her new hometown.
She is an official Nebraskan.
2. I made good things.
We called this batch Belize.
Yep, got to make salsa with a friend. We have gone through the entire alphabet naming our batches after Hispanic males. It is so much easier to remember if Salvador was hotter than Louis than to remember if the June 2012 batch was hotter than November 2011. (And, yes, he was!)

Now we are naming them after Spanish speaking countries. So far this has been pretty easy. Belize should be a scorcher! So many peppers. Bring on the sour cream.

3. I ate good things.
Aren't we fancy at our house?
Father's Day appetizers! Yum. Even the Stern German was smiling... well... not really smiling, but not ornery.
T-bones for Father's Day! This actually made him smile... or maybe it was gas....
And... hot fudge brownie sundaes for dessert.
Yep, we are doing a great job of watching his cholesterol... don't worry, the life insurance is paid up... and last I checked I was the beneficiary. It will all be fine.

4. I did good things (with some great people).
90+ degree humid weather is perfect for water and ice cubes.

5. I sang good things.

This is one of the songs that the Angsty Teen likes that is constatly running through my head. I posted this video a while back. I love to watch Jimmy Fallon and his house band with these little kids' instruments.

I hear this song in my head all the time...and I sing along. I know all the words....I am so hip, and with it, and cool....except for the fact that I just used those terms.... that pretty much means I am just old and sad.

How 'bout you? What good things did you do this week?


  1. They play that song on the radio ALL THE TIME! This is awesome though. I like the random instruments!

  2. your brownie dessert looks so tasty!!! jealous :)

  3. you are fancy at your house? can I come over for dinner??

    1. Not fancy very often... in my head I have everything all pulled together... reality is a totally different story!

  4. That cheese platter looks yummy!

  5. Hey there other Sally!! Thanks for stopping by Me+Life+Coffee!! So nice to meet another awesome Sally...which OBVIOUSLY you are!! Jeez this post has made me hungry! Hope you are well and having a great weekend! Sally xoxo