Friday, June 29, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 9)

Linking up to give you give highlights from my week:

1. I. am. not. at. home. Really.

Didn't actually think I was going to pull it off this year. I go to this camp in Nebraska every summer (this might be the 12th year!). With all the help my geriatric parents have been needing...  I wasn't sure this would happen!
My mid-life crisis car... But the guys at my oil changing place
said, "That wasn't much of a mid-life crisis."
Pro: The Angsty Teen & friend watched movies w/headphones on for about 2 1/2 hours of the drive.
Con: The drive is 7 1/2 hours long.

Pro: We listened to five hours of The Biebs w/a few dozen plays of "Call Me Maybe" thrown in.
Con: We listened to five hours of The Biebs.

It was fine for a while...(But, seriously, why would you actually record a song about the nut job who claimed to be having your baby? Too much publicity for her if you ask me. Justin, who advises you on this stuff?)

2. I am cooking for lots of people! I love to cook and that's what I do at camp. I've been cooking for both junior high and senior high camps for the past few years. So much fun.

Pro: Camp started last night and I am cooking for about 65 people.
Excited about helping....
Con: The Angsty Teen is not a camper 'til next week... she is helping me in the kitchen. I'm sure this will go well.
Helping me make some delicious M&M cookies!
I will give you the details on Tuesday.

3. I am having great coffee this week! 

Pro: I am not totally roughing it at camp. I cook in an air conditioned kitchen, sleep in an air conditioned house... and I brought all the things necessary for a great cup of coffee in the morning.
Con: It is over 100 degrees here and I still spend a bit of time outside.
These things make my life so much better.
4.  Yesterday was June 28.

Pro: It was my half-birthday!
Con: Six months away from 50. It's hard to believe I'm really that old. I definitely don't feel that old.

This is me aproned up and hair pulled back. Ready to cook! (And since the Stern German is very concerned about us getting dehydrated... here's my glass!)
Definitely looking oldish...
5. I cooked up a great meal earlier this week before I left town.

Pro: We thoroughly enjoyed the food.
Con: We thoroughly enjoyed the food!

My geriatric mother is concerned about the Stern German. Poor guy, how will he get along without his family for two weeks? What has she been smoking? Getting along without the Angsty Teen will not be difficult... I should be so lucky....and as much as I would like to think he needs me, I know he will be fine. He is very self-sufficient.

Pretty sure he is really happy about being home with his dog... well, as happy as he ever gets. He can be the king of his castle, as it were. He is free to scratch, spit, and talk as smart as he chooses. (I would tend to argue that this is really no different than his every day life... but I am sure he would disagree.)
Such a well-balanced meal
This dinner consisted of barbecued ribs (browned them in the oven, cooked them in the crock pot, broiled them to caramelize the sauce... sounds like I knew what I was doing!), Cheesy Potatoes (that was easy - still had a pan of them in the freezer from earlier this month), and White Bean & Spinach Stuffed Peppers.

There were leftovers for my geriatric parents and the Stern German. That is called killing at least two proverbial people who tick you off with one meal birds with one stone. Food for everyone. And, those potatoes are full of artery-clogging goodness for whomever might require that... 

Have a great weekend! 


  1. No way you are turning 50. No. Way. Seriously. I do not believe it.

  2. Again - LOVE. The pros and cons thing is brilliant. Hilarious. And, um...definitely NOT looking 'oldish', sister! Playing the 'High Five' game for the first time...thanks!
    *Oh, and if you live in or near Mpls. there's a MN Blogger Happy Hour @ Psyco Suzi's in July. I might go hang with the young 'uns....feel old (I mean WISE...WISE). Let me know if you want the details!! :)

    1. Would love the details! Sounds like a fun get-together.

  3. I love how your pro and con for the meal were that you thoroughly enjoyed the food!!! :)

  4. Love your blog, and to be sure, you are not old! Found a lovely quote by coco chanel the other day ( I´ll try to translate it): "There is no importance in age. You can be adorable in your 20th, realy charming with 40 but the rest of your life you are irresistible ( to die for!) !" love that, it is so true!! So a belated Happy Birthday !!!