Friday, June 1, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 5)

What a(nother) crazy week! Linking up with Lauren from My Grey Desk to give you the top five things that happened this week.

The best things that happened this week? Here they are!

1. I used The Kit twice in one morning. Wait... that isn't a good thing... it is far from it. Well, it wasn't totally disgusting. Sorry, that might be a lie. I bought myself two scarves as rewards? I guess that would be a highlight if it were true.

 But seriously, I have an overabundance of scarves. I need to think of something else to reward myself with... but haven't had time to think about it. I probably need to come up with a different #1 highlight.

1. My husband has an enlarged heart. Okay, I know that isn't probably a good thing; in fact, he has started a couple of meds and needs to follow up with doctors next week. But, the Stern German was quick to point out that apparently his heart isn't "three sizes too small" as we had originally thought. (He is guesstimating it to be only 2.75 sizes too small!) Apparently, he is not as Grinch-like as he thought he was. Or, maybe trying to be this happy nearly killed him. I've heard it both ways.

2. I attended my last junior high band concert! Well, probably not  really... but since the Angsty Teen is going to move up to the high school next year, this was the last concert for at least 11 years when a grandboy gets to junior high! Not that it was bad... but it was pretty long... and I was really tired.
Love her hair. She is masterful at curling/styling it. 
It almost looks like she has highlights and lowlights.
She looks so sweet when she is playing her horn.
However, after the concert that changed quite a little bit... oh, Angsty Teen...

3. I took some time tonight and made a great supper. I will probably talk more about that on Tuesday, but here is a picture of my Singapore Noodles.
I might have gotten a little too much Sriracha in it. 
It definitely had a kick!

4. My flowers are starting to bloom nicely! 

About six years ago we begin the "Two Year Plan for Graduation Open House" for the front yard. It was gorgeous by Kati's open house... and it is still pretty great...except for the mammoth-sized thistles. Haven't had time to deal with any of that. Maybe this week. But, on the plus side, if I don't get to them this week they will still be there!

5. Got to watch my stepdaughter's boys last Monday for a few hours:

Pretty sure they won't both smile at the same time!

So nothing major happened this week... but it has been a crazy week! Hope your week has been good. I am starting to fall asleep writing this! Might be time do go to bed.

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