Thursday, June 21, 2012

I followed a recipe! Well, sort of...

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I cleaned my lovely six burner gas cooktop today. Yay, me. It was disgusting. Could've fed my family for a few days off the crumbs alone.

The problem with cleaning the cooktop is that once it is clean, I always get to urge to cook. That is a lot like this:

Yesterday I shared my pins for the week and this was one of them:

Whenever I have bananas that are past their prime I plan to make banana bread. I know it isn't hard to make... I have good intentions...but banana bread takes so long to bake that I rarely ever get it made.

I'd feel guilty.. I'm not even Catholic, but I know guilt... just throwing those old, brown bananas away. So, I end up putting the unpeeled bananas in the freezer with the intention of making the bread another day.

You know, when my life is calm.

A day when the Angsty Teen isn't being snarky. (She is fluent in that language.)

A day when... never mind. After about 4-6 months I find the bananas in my freezer and then I finally feel like I can throw them away.... and I don't even feel guilty about throwing them away... much.

Click here to get to the recipe for the Banana Bread Bars.

I actually followed this recipe. 

Well... kind of.


I was so close.

My family is pretty sure I can't follow a recipe to save my soul. They are probably right. 

I think the only thing I did differently was that I added some cinnamon to the batter. That is almost the same thing as following a recipe exactly.

Oh, and I didn't add the walnuts. But I am pretty sure that doesn't count. I don't ever have walnuts, and I'm not sure I really like them? Plus what if people in my family were allergic to walnuts? I wouldn't want them to die... I mean, not really.... not dead dead...just be slightly unconscious for a while... to give me a break from caring for them... (Oh, please. It's not like I would really do that... really.)

And because the cooking time took quite a bit longer than it was supposed to (I ended up keeping the bars in for the longest cooking time and still added about seven minutes!), I was out of time. Supper needed to get on the table.

So I didn't frost them while they were warm like the recipe told me to.. I slapped that stuff on the bars right out of the oven. A little melty...definitely gooey. Why did I even bother to clean my cooktop today?

Cleaner than it was... but already getting messy again!
Other than those things I think I actually followed the recipe.

Well, I was a little overcautious about my butter not just browning but burning, so I might have taken it off the burner a little early.

But all in all I think this counts as following the recipe. And, they were good. We had them for dessert while they were still warm, much to the chagrin of the Stern German. (He likes his desserts cold. That is something I will never understand.) But as a great philosopher once sang, "You can't always get what you want..."
The gooey, runny frosting...
Eventually the frosting set up... delicious!
Now I have this HUGE pan of bars and we won't eat them before they dry out. I would share them with you if you came to visit me. I bet they would be great with a strong cup of coffee. But, since you probably aren't in the neighborhood, I will have to figure something else out.

Maybe if I give the Angsty Teen enough of them she will be in a sugar coma... at least then she would be unable to snark.


  1. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru Thirsty Thursday's blog hop! Can you send one to the Philippines? They look yummy! have you tried putting them in the fridge for s short while?

    Follow back?


  2. They look yummy! My ds16 requested for his birthday dinner that we NOT serve one of my experimental tomato sauces. C'mon! I don't think they're that bad. Teen snark!