Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

I am linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple to tell you what I found to be wonderful on Pinterest this week.

1. I love to travel. When my daughters were three and eleven I decided I would get them to each of the 48 contiguous states before my oldest graduated. We did it... except for the child who is now known as the Angsty Teen. She missed out on Maryland and Florida. Long story... doesn't matter.

Since this is the summer that I am not in charge of 1000 kids' summer reading experience in my town, I thought this would be the time to get the Angsty Teen to one of those places. 

I have been watching airfares to the DC area... and last night I bought the tickets. Got a pretty good deal. I was so excited.

But this morning when I told the Angsty Teen about my purchase she replied, "I didn't really want to go to D.C." Really?  Seriously? Well then that works out fine... I will go by myself, Dumb B... pretty sure that stands for Dumb Bunny...

2. Yeah, I don't know what it is... but there is definitely an epidemic of this in my town... especially in my church. Why would you want to homeschool your kids if you have a good school district? You need to grow all your own food? And be in charge of all the committees, too? If these moms have so much time they could come clean my house...

3. What a good idea... if you have a metal lunch box! I have written napkin notes for years... The Angsty Teen still wanted notes last year... but now that she is in high school... we shall see. As I seem to get dumber each year (and this summer I have apparently attained idiot status), I doubt she would want any more notes.

4. It is too hot to bake right now, but these bars look pretty good... Banana bread-type bars with brown butter frosting.

5. I like Rolo candies.... like a fat kid likes cake! Haha... not really.  Rolo candies are fine... but I prefer Ghiradelli caramel/chocolate squares. The quality of chocolate is so much better. But these bars look like they would be great... and they could be made with a gluten-free cake mix!

6. Last week I pinned this cheesy garlic bread.. and this week I made it. Read about it here. It was delicious!

Those are a few of my favorite pins. Let me know if you try any of those recipes!


  1. Love that lunch box idea & those sweets made me want to get in the kitchen and 7am!

  2. Rolos are awesome. And DC is even more awesome-er. It's one of my favorite places. The history!!!

  3. Bring Kati to DC with you!! I only live a few hours away and I would love to see you!

  4. Oh i love the chalkboard lunchbox. What a brilliant idea! I made those rolo bars last year for one of our tailgates. They were scrumptious & a huge hit.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier!

  5. Those banana bread bars looks amazing! I so want a piece lol! Guess i need to make them :) great post love!