Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thirsty Thursday (Week 3)

I still haven't actually blended up the Riesling Slushies from what I planned to make WEEKS ago and that I wrote about last Thirsty Thursday. I haven't had any fantastic cocktail concoctions lately, but I'll think about it for a moment and come up with something wondrous... maybe... and maybe not...

This is all I got...
Yes, I know it is tiny... but in case you couldn't tell, it is a Leinenkugel's Honey Weiss... with a lemon wedge. I should really hit that place up for a tour. It is just a few hours away from me. I love factory tours. (Wait, maybe I just love free stuff...)

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Make/pour yourself a cold drink... with or w/out alcohol.. or get a Leinie's Honey Weiss, squeeze a lemon slice in it, and read the rest of my ramblings!

There is a nice little place in our town where the Stern German and I will hit for happy hour once in a while. Since I love a deal... I always like happy hours. Drink deals, appetizer specials... I love a bargain.

This place used to be a grocery warehouse back in the day and has been remodeled in the past five years or so. They have this bar/restaurant, a coffee shop, and a fancier place...well, it really isn't fancy or maybe all that fantastic, but some people seem to like it.

As I was saying, this place we like to go to is pretty nice. Since my small town as an extremely high bar to resident ratio, and most of the places I would rather not grace with my presence, it is nice to find a place to go for happy hour.
The big problem is that if we go there we have to exit the premises by 4:00pm at the latest. So usually we are in and out pretty quickly.

Why do we have to leave? Do they close? Does happy hour end? Have we been in too many bar fights and are banned once the night staff comes on board?

No... but the Stern German's ex-wife seems to show up at this place just past 4:00 whenever we are there. (Pretty sure that means she goes there a lot... but maybe she thinks we are there whenever she is... so she might be thinking that we are there a lot...)

And the really awkward thing (besides seeing her and making small talk) is that... never mind.... I shouldn't talk about this...Minnesota Nice and all...

 And in other news: It has been over 46 hours, which is a new record, of a fall-free existence for my father since coming home from the nursing home after his stroke. The first record was only 20 1/2 hours. We have doubled the numbers. Woo hoo!

The good news that came out of the first fall? Not the fall of mankind...  of my dad... is that my mom now (kind of, sort of) understands that they need more help... or "assistance" hence the name "Assisted Living."

Plus, that's probably what the money is for that they have been saving for a rainy day. Yes, mom, it is raining... What, dad? You think mom doesn't need any help to care for you? Yeah, it is definitely raining. In fact...

It is freakin' pouring out. Really. Torrential downpour. Major flooding. And, to my way of thinking? Pretty sure that all of these services they are needing will still be cheaper than the nursing home. That place is EXPENSIVE. Even if it ends up costing the same, being home is definitely the place to be.

Also, I am pretty sure that all of these expenses should be coming out of my brother's half of any inheritance. But, what do I know?

Clearly, it's not about the money... much.

Happy Thursday!


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