Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time Out Tuesday?

Today I thought I going to try a new Tuesday link up... This one says to take a time out from housework and share a project. Well, I am TOTALLY GIFTED at taking a break from the housework. This might be just the thing for me!

Upon closer inspection, this link up is not a real thing anymore. So, here is another link up with two great blogs: Tasty Tuesdays and Tuesdays at the Table!

This is what I have to contribute! I was looking through a Food & Wine magazine on Sunday. Sometimes I find a few recipes to experiment with and sometimes I don't! There was a recipe for Quinoa Spinach Cakes. They looked delicious...but I didn't think I had quinoa. Maybe I did,  but didn't want to spend time looking for it...plus, I thought I could make the same thing with a rice or risotto-like dish.

These just look so crispy and delicious. But, my recipe really didn't have very many similar ingredients...spinach, cheese, um... hmmmm...

I started with a sad, sad leek from the bottom of my fridge. I always buy leeks with good intentions, but rarely end up using both of the ones packaged together before one looks worse than this!
But, I chopped off both ends and separated the pieces to rinse out the grit:
Diced 'em up and softened them over a medium heat with some olive oil and salt/pepper.
Then I found some colorful mini peppers and cut them into little pieces and a sad half package of mushrooms. I think I used some of them a week ago and I was pretty sure they were on their last leg then. However, they weren't slimy...really. I threw the nasty ones!

While I was cutting, chopping, slicing, dicing, etc. my rice was cooking. I used sticky rice - that was all I had. Plus, I thought it might hold together better! I cooked the rice with half water/half chicken broth and added a little salt/pepper. Then I chopped up a few handfuls of spinach and threw in at the end.

Next I added all the vegetables. I thought it was pretty.
Mixed it all up...
Added a handful of shredded Parmesan cheese.
The actual recipe called for flour and panko bread crumbs. I wanted to keep this gluten-free so I used some rice flour and I grated part of a frozen Udi (gluten-free) hamburger bun.

I made some cakes for the Angsty Teen out of some of the plain rice with cheese added. She, obviously, thought it was delicious!

I pan-fried up quite a few cakes and for our supper I topped a couple for the Stern German with sunny side up eggs. That runny yoke made everything so rich and flavorful. I had a glass of Riesling with mine and it was very nice...

I tried several times to send pictures of the finished product to my gmail account and to my Twitter account via Instagram. Apparently, those sites are as tired as I am. So, even though all of these other pictures showed up, the last set of photos did not.

Story of my life. If I can get it to work, I will get a few more pictures up later!

Have a great day!

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