Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bad Mother

 I am not a very good mother. I'm afraid it is true. Well, Kati might not think it is true... or at least she is smart enough to think it quietly in her head... and we know the Angsty Teen thinks I am (sometimes?) an idiot.. but... well, let me explain...

We arrived home from camp after eight hours of driving... with stops the trip took about 9 hours.

This morning at camp the Angsty Teen told me she thought she had a concussion from hitting her head on the ground while using the Mega Giant Slip & Slide that a former camper brought and set up for everyone to use.
Looks like so much fun!
Here's a little video of a bunch of kids going down together: 
Maybe... if I can figure out how to do this... nope, can't.

Anyway, the Angsty Teen rode home... napped... listened to music... watched one movie. She wasn't necessarily unpleasant... but I could definitely tell she was wiped out from her time at camp.

So when we pulled into the garage and she asked me if she could go to the fair with a couple of friends, I wasn't really sure what to do. 

A good mother would say "no" to this. This child was exhausted beyond belief... she had to unpack... do laundry (yep, I am a firm believer in children doing their own laundry),  oh, yeah, and she may be concussed (and, no, that's not because of the words I said to her).

This is what I thought I had for options:
Scenario 1: Angsty Teen is ornery, stomps around the house being mouthy and not helpful, and constantly gripes and complains... for about two hours... maybe longer... or at least it would seem like a lot longer.

Scenario 2: Angsty Teen cheerfully does a little more than her share of unloading of the car, pleasantly throws her dirty clothes in the washer, and asks if there is anything else I need her to do. (Oh, and I should probably mention that in this scenario... I get two hours of peace and quiet.)

Let's just say that even if I am an idiot, I am not completely stupid. I pretty much knew how the evening would go if the Angsty Teen was going to have to stay home...  just the thought of this made me cringe,,, and sigh.. is that called a cry?... and I decided that she was neither too tired nor too concussed (seriously... I am pretty sure that she would have mentioned this earlier than three days after the concussing incident...) to have to stay home.
Happy to be going to the fair... and she's not dressed like a slut.
So while I probably will never win any Mother of the Year awards... I do know how to make my life a little better. Oh, and I FINALLY blended up my Riesling Slushies. A perfect drink in case you every get to sit and relax.
So good.
It's good to be home... I think.

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  1. That reisling slushie looks amazing! I'm going to give them a try! I'm visiting from the Thirsty Thursday hop!

  2. the riesling slushy looks so good! I want some (:
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  3. YUM! I totally want to have one after Hollis is born! Thank you so much for linking up to Pretty Things Thursday! I can’t wait to see what you share next week!

    Natalie from Johnny In A Dress!