Thursday, July 19, 2012

DC, baby... except not...

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The Angsty Teen & I are supposed to be in Washington, DC...but we are not there.

Everyone (which is really both of us... which is really just the Angsty Teen) was healthy enough to make the trip....No, the Angsty Teen is not concussed... I did not swear at her that much. Although the problem was that she had read the list of symptoms for a concussion.. that might have affected her a little... and seriously? How can you tell what is a concussion and what is just being a teen?

         Headache? Might be a concussion... might be from having to be around your parents
         Confusion? You are a spacey teen....and you are blonde... just sayin'.
         Fatigue? You are a teen - you are always tired.... unless you are with your friends.
         Concentration issues? You are spastic...
         Irritability? I rest my case.

Everyone was nice enough to make the trip... (We'll see if the Angsty Teen has staying power).

Quick aside: We were fortunate enough to get to listen to this women in the colorful top talking at/with someone on the phone. Found out she was fired from her job, mad at her boyfriend, and looking for a check that never came in the mail. Honey, take the call away from the public seating area... or talk a little softer.

Anyway, we left Minneapolis and flew to Milwaukee yesterday... our connecting flight was....
by 20 minutes... next thing we knew there was a long line growing at the boarding gate counter.
I got in line...

Apparently there was terrible weather out east (heard words like "storm" and "hurricane") and the flight had been cancelled... never heard that announcement and I was sitting right there. (But I handled that fact much better than the fat, sweaty, belligerent man with the pointy nose... he rushed the line and was yelling at the counter people.. glad we had already gone through security so I could be pretty sure he didn't have a weapon...)

Quintinism*: You don't get any honey by kicking over the beehive. (Although my father has some good sayings, I am pretty sure there was no honey to be had in this situation... just embarrassment? And I still don't get this one he says: Mable, Mable get off the table... the quarter's for the beer. Hmmm...)

By the time I got to up to the counter they had already rebooked so many people that we couldn't get on the earliest flight for the next day....which is today...

So even though we were supposed to someplace great...
We are in Milwaukee...

She doesn't look happy... but she has been great.... however, the trip's not over yet.
Oh, Milwaukee...
Maybe today we will get to DC, baby.

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  1. Wow, what an adventure! The thunderstorms have been pretty bad here, spanning the whole east coast. Today they're supposed to be a bit more sporatic, though, so I really hope you can get in!! :)

  2. Gotta say... favorite part is the Angsty Teens t-shirt! ;)

    Go Big Red!


    Good luck getting to DC today!

    - Sara

  3. I once had an experience like that too! not so fun
    New follower from the Blog Hop
    My Wonderfully Dysfunctional Blog

  4. Hope it all ends well and you get to DC ~ and if not, I can't wait to read all about it!! haha.
    The MN blogger HH is Tuesday at Psyco Suzi's at 5:30, btw if you'll be around. Would love to meet you!!

  5. Just found your blog and am cracking up at your Milwaukee "adventure." I went to college in Minneapolis and grew up in Wisconsin so have flown through Milwaukee countless times. I always end up buying one of those stupid tshirts which I would never buy anywhere else. So yes, I own a cow tipping shirt, as well as one that reads "Real Women Drink Beer - Milwaukee, WI" because I couldn't help myself.

    Hope the return home is easier!

  6. Hey! I am excited to find out one thing, of course if that's not too much to ask could you please tell us where you grew up?