Monday, July 9, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 11)

Happy Monday! I am linking up with Kati at Incorporating Color and Kate at Classy Living to give you the GBU of my weekend.

The Good:
I have lots of good help in the kitchen again!
Kati in her sexy apron...
Loving the large mixer...
This guy even swept the flour off of the big mixer.
Since everyone was cleaning up I got to make a big batch of dough...
Trying to show just how big that bowl of dough is (42 cups of flour)!
The Bad:
I have been getting hurt a little often for my liking while I have been at camp. Ok, any amount of getting hurt is too much.  I did so well the first week and that was kind of surprising seeing as how I am cutting and slicing and dicing and cooking and baking and racing around the kitchen all day long.

Here's the scoop:
I got a burn on my arm.
I bashed my toe into the bed frame... think I broke it...
I have a cut on my arm.
I have a bruise on my knee.
The fridge door slammed into my knuckle.
I  cut my mouth on a frozen fruit cup.
My pre-camp pedicure may have given me an infection.
And, I got hurt by the cup holder on a drink jug like this:
That jug should have a notice that says "WARNING:  Keep face away from top of cup holder when pulling it up and off of the clip." Dang.

Oh well, so far I am doing well today...but it is still early.

The Ugly:
I decided to check out vacation rentals on Craigslist. I found the greatest deal. I was so excited. The living room looked really gaudy, but I could handle staying there for cheap...
Gaudy, gaudy living room
King-sized bed
Could make great snacks/meals here.
Beautiful bathroom.

The company's name was The Lord Chosen Reservations. Thought it sounded like a cult.

I Googled them... the only listings for them was their own website. They had places to rent for cheap in lots of major cities around the world.

I emailed them. They emailed me right back. There was a phone number on the email, so I called the number. The call went to voicemail. I didn't leave a message. I decided I would call back later.

I called again and left a message. I got a text message back from them, but no phone call. The texting continued and was a little confusing. I emailed them again, and the reply was quick.

Since I knew when I wanted to reserve the place, they were ready to have me wire them the money.

I sent them an email and said I had a friend that I wanted to come check out the place for me and could they get back to me with information as to when that visit could take place.

I never heard from them again. There's a big surprise.

Oh, and when I Googled the address that they use for an office... all I found was information about a property that was empty, had been foreclosed on, and was being auctioned off last week.

Glad I am not a complete idiot...

Incorporating Color


  1. EEEEEK! Good thing you were on your toes!!!

  2. WOW that's a lot of dough! I'm in carb heaven thinking about all that bread. And with all those injuries...I'm not sure I would want to get out of bed in the morning ;) And you confirmed one of my biggest fears with pedicures!

  3. Wow, so glad you posted this. I was so excited about a reservation I was going to book with them, and thought the price sounded too good to be true... So I typed in their website name along with scam and it brought me to your blog. Appreciate the heads up. :)

  4. Maybe it is legit... but.... kind of don't think so! Good luck on your vacation endeavors!

  5. This screams scam.
    Check this link

  6. there is no reviews at all on these people, this blog is all I could find when I looked and my experience is exactly the same. Something is definitely not right, the kicker is they asked for western union deposit without ever calling me back either; that alone is enough for me but if this isnt a scam im a duck..buyer beware

  7. TY so much for doing the legwork, The place they advertise in Washington DC sounds too good to be true...the kicker was the $80 a night palace they have advertised in NY city,its gotta be a scam

  8. I just found them as I was looking for a place in Chicago. TY for the info. It did sound too good to be true so I started doing some research. Glad I came across your blog!!