Monday, July 16, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 12)

Time for me to tell you about the high and lows of my weekend! Linking up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color
The Good:
I bought a great new purse... It's a beautiful coral leather... about 9x9.

I was trying to be patient with the Angsty Teen while I was taking her shopping for some shorts and tops...and she wasn't being all that pleasant...borderline ornery....and then I saw this:

I decided it was my reward... for putting up with her.... and for letting her live through the shopping excursion... just kidding... sort of.

It will be perfect to tote the essentials around on my trip this week!

The Bad:
Camp is really over. Dang. The reality of life is not as fun as camp... this has been brought to my attention over and over this weekend.

I had so much fun cooking at camp with Kati. She came and cooked with me for the second camp session. We made so much food... so much good food... and it was fun to get to hang out with her.
Chewy M&M Sugar Cookies
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

Dough for Stromboli!
Baking seven of 28 Stromboli

Kati wo-manning the big mixer! 
Always showing off her melons...
The Angsty Teen is sad that camp is done, too.
 In charge of cooking eggs over a campfire
Sad that camp is done

The Ugly:
It is fair week in my town. It is hot and the crazies seem to be out in full force. The Angsty Teen has been to the fair a few times... I have bowed out this year.

We live about eight blocks from the fair grounds. Yesterday there were a bunch of tractors that kept going around and around my block and there was this John Deere tractor that was so obnoxiously loud.

It went by my house a few more times... and then I never heard it again. This morning I saw this a block from my house:

Nothing runs like a Deere...



  1. I just cackled out loud! Poooor tractor.

  2. I know! Hey, Danavee, I haven't been able to comment on any blogs because of a glitch in my blogger program... but I am reading your words and have lots of comments in my head!

  3. Lol! That's definitely karma. You had a pretty good shopping trip though!

    Elise @