Friday, July 13, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 11)

Linking up to give you the highlights of my week:

1. I am home from camp.
Pro: Safe trip, no car issues, etc.
Con: My regular life has resumed... with a vengeance. Took my geriatric father to Walmart yesterday...  needed a gloved-up-Kit-worthy Bathroom Assist while we were there... and even though we got back home within 20 minutes of that bathroom experience, we apparently didn't make it back home in time for the next bathroom event. Dang. Some days I really hate my life.

2. The Stern German is out of town for work for a few days.
Pro: Don't have to cook real meals!
Con: He thought it would be a good idea to turn the air conditioners OFF when he left town. The house was 94 degrees when I got home. Too bad sarcasm doesn't come across in texts:

You thought turning off the air was a good idea? We don't have central air... just window units.... Again, dang. (Also "Thanks for bringing in the mail." Really? You reminded me to do it a few hours before... did you really think I would forget? I'm not a complete idiot.... ok, I did forget, but that's beside the point.)

3. I had really good coffee at camp.
Pro: I took my coffee grinder, French press, and favorite Caribou Obsidian beans to camp.
(It was the Stern German's idea... and it was a good one.) He knew I would need a new bag of beans when I got home... he gets them near his work... ok, technically he gets them near Cabela's... Cabela's Bargain Cave... which is kind of like crack for The Great White Hunter Stern German guy.
Con: I came home to NO beans. My coffee was really awful this morning since I used some really old ground coffee.... all that after a less-than-great night's sleep in a hot, hot house....not that I am bitter or anything.. ok, maybe I am...

4. The Angsty Teen was pretty pleasant throughout the camp experience.
Pro: Seemed kind of surreal... didn't know she could be that nice for that long.
Con: She must have used up all the niceness she had in her and all of her reserves. Dang. Being home kind of sucks...just sayin'.

5. I got the new sports bra I ordered from Victoria's Secret.
Pro: It seems to hold the girls in place.
Con: It came the day I left for camp. Also, I tried it on last night... and I got stuck. Seriously, has that ever happened to you? I was a little sweaty... and the back got stuck up higher than I could reach.. TMI? And once again, dang.



  1. You might have to do a French press tutorial on here sometime. I've never used one!

  2. I might have to do that. I love my coffee!

  3. It's difficult to go back to normal life after a vacay! I feel you!

    HAHAHA. It's funny but yeah, my sports bra also got stuck on me when I was trying to remove it. I was beginning to feel out of breath while pulling it off. It was a workout in itself. :)

    I'm from H54F and I followed you via GFC.