Friday, July 20, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 12)

Happy Friday!

The Angsty Teen and I are in DC, baby!

For a while yesterday we thought we were going to go on an even later flight and then we'd each get a free flight voucher! Overbooked... we volunteered to be first on the list to get bumped... I do love free stuff... but when it came time to board the flight (which had already been delayed for over an hour!) there was enough room because not everyone that had a ticket had shown up. (Who does that?)

So, once again linking up to give you the highlights of my week. Getting free airline vouchers is not one of the high points... dang.

1. Spent the night in Milwaukee! Okay, not necessarily a highlight, but I am trying to be positive. Got an okay deal on a fairly okay hotel room...kind of an older, run-down place... and I couldn't always find the room.... finally figured out why..
map of hotel... sooooo confusing!
Someone wasn't very happy... or maybe they were just being truthful?
2. Found a great place for breakfast... right across the hotel's parking lot:
America runs on this stuff...
Loved the door pulls!
3. Made it to DC! After another long day of traveling/not traveling... 
The Angsty Teen even helped with this feat...
we arrived in Washington, DC! Tried to figure out a lot of new things... and the worst one was trying to figure out where to meet the hotel shuttle. It took a while in the hot temps schlepping our bags up stairway after stairway..... and then back down another flight below where we started... to figure it out!
After this little endeavor the Angsty Teen announced, "What an awful vacation. I wish I were at home." To this I calmly responded, "I would be happy to to book you a flight home tomorrow. You will pay for the ticket, I will stay here... and that isn't a big deal. If that's what you want, I will help you figure it out."

She pulled herself together. Yay... I think.

 4. I walked to the nearest Walmart for snacks/water/etc. It wasn't really a mile... but I think it was closer.... definitely felt like a long haul in the hot temps! But, the Angsty Teen didn't want to come along (that's when she thought we were taking a taxi!).. so I went... kind of fun! Got to explore the area.

5. Ordered pizza from Papa John's for supper... ate about 9:15 pm... oops. The pizza was good, but I didn't think to ask for plates, napkins, etc. I am thinking that when you tell them they are delivering to a hotel that they should probably ask if you need those things!

Hope your weekend is spectacular... hope mine is palatable! Just kidding. There is always the return flight home for one that might make things better!



  1. Can't wait to see all your stops in DC! LOVE THAT PLACE!

  2. High Five to Dunkin Donuts!!!

    New follower from High Five Friday. Cute blog ;) Love for you to stop by Naptime Review and return the follow when you get a chance.

  3. what a cute door pull! i appreciate restos that attach so much attention to detail :)

    i'm from high 5 for friday and i followed you via GFC!

    jen @