Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 13)

It's Friday! Time to tell you the five highlights of my week. We've been home a few days... I think I will show you five of my highlights from our trip to DC.

I liked:

1. The monuments, memorials, and museums, etc. (That's a lot to lump into one category!)

2. Arlington National Cemetery (Glad we paid $8.75/person for a tour... would've been too much walking after the long days we spent walking all around!)
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Memorial for the Space Shuttle Challenger

This burns at JFK's gravesite.
3. The fact that Georgetown Cupcakes were actually better than those at Sprinkles!
So happy with her Red Velvet cupcake!
Stopped here one day because the lines were way shorter.
Cupcakes from Sprinkles
(And so glad that the cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes didn't look as much like eyeballs... or boobs as these from Sprinkles!)

 4.  That the Angsty Teen was willing to be in some pics with me on the trip!
At the World War II monument
At the FDR monument
 5. The fact that the Angsty Teen has a great sense of humor...
We saw these signs a lot...

 5.5 That the Angsty Teen FINALLY made it Maryland.

She has now been to 47 of the 48 contiguous states... one left.... Florida. What kind of parent doesn't take their kid to Florida? Oops. (Kati guest posted for her friend... she talked about a lot of our trips and some of her favorite places... read about that here!)
Hope your weekend is great! Check back with me on Monday for The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of my weekend... I better start planning a trip to Florida...


  1. Love your pics. Ohhhh the monuments. Majestic.

    Jealous you got to try out alll the cupcakes!

  2. Hi... I see we met through My Grey Desk. I do that hop..mostly for the last month. Nice to meet you. Mary