Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday! (Dirty Rotten Liars)

Looky (lookie? Spell check doesn't like either option) here... I'm actually going to give you a recipe...

This is the recipe I (basically) followed... Pappardelle with Corn from the Food Network website. I usually have pretty good luck with their recipes.

However, those Dirty Rotten Liars stated that the total time for this recipe was 20 minutes.. that is broken down as seven minutes for prep and 13 minutes for cook time.

Dirty. Rotten. Liars.

This took me three freakin' hours to make. This is the finished picture:
These are my ingredients (took me ten minutes to put these together):
This is my favorite ingredient (took me ten minutes to drink the first glass):
Before I heated the water... I filled the pot... then I had to answer the phone. It was my geriatric mother... needed to talk to her... needed to explain to her that even though she heard that the Kings won the Stanley Cup... that didn't mean that Tiger Woods had won anything... (That took about 20 minutes.)

I heated the water (that took about 12 minutes right there):
The recipe said to add the corn and cook it... I added asparagus, too. (That took about six minutes,) Then my cousin called. She needed to talk to me about the fact that her father in nucking futz.... seriously? No sympathy here... that is my life. (That took another 20 minutes... think I am up to
Then, the Angsty Teen came home and was all upset about something that had happened to her... talking her off the roof took another 13 minutes...

The recipe said to start cooking the other stuff next and wait on the pasta. Really? The water was hot, my kitchen was freakin' hot... time to cook the pasta. It was pappardelle... never bought that before.. but I had seen it at Trader Joe's... and knew I had seen some recipes to use it in. That took about ten minutes.

You could really use any pasta.
Once the pasta was done... I had to go out and tell the damn dog to shut up. (Ten more minutes.) Then I cut the corn off the cob... and sliced up the green onions. Then I went back out to lock the dog in the garage so he wouldn't bark at the same people that walk by the house every single day....
Cut up the big tomato.. the grape tomatoes were too expensive.. Added the corn & onion... But then the Stern German came home and needed to talk to me. Another twenty minutes. Really? I am kind of busy here.....

Then Kati called me and wanted to talk to me early in the day instead of in the evening. Her phone service is lousy... so, since she had a signal.. it was good to talk then. Another 20 minutes...

I finally threw in the pasta, pasta water, broth, and wine... this all took another ten to fifteen minutes...think I forgot to get any basil from my yard...

Added some fresh grated Parmesan... it is fun to grate... but you could use the stuff in a bag.

 This is what the final dish looked like:
It was DELICIOUS!!! I was really impressed... even though it took me three hours to make.

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