Monday, July 23, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (DC, baby!)

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Incorporating Color

The Angsty Teen and I are still in DC... it has been a pretty good trip... as long as I keep these three basic guidelines in mind:

1. This trip is not about me.

2. This trip is not about me.

3. This trip is really not about me.

Although in her defense, when she has gotten a little pissy... she has pulled out of it faster than ever before.... maybe she is growing up.... or maybe she doesn't want to pay for her ticket home.

We have done a lot of great things... and I really have just let her take charge of several parts of the trip... the good news is that I think she could get herself around any town with a metro system! That is definitely a good skill to have, I mean, not in our town or anything.... but.... this has worked out well. That girl loves being in charge.

The Good:
The Angsty Teen has been quite pleasant on the whole. What that really means is that we have pretty much done what she wants to do... and that makes her happy.

The Bad: 
As great as it is to see all DC has to offer a lot the memorials are pretty sobering. We didn't get to all of them since our trip was cut short by a day... (but we did get to spend time in Milwaukee... so I am pretty sure that is almost as good...). Here are just a few of the memorials we saw...
World War II Memorial
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Just a small number of the tombstones at Arlington National Cemetery.
Space Shuttle Challenger Memorial
Today we are going to the Holocaust Museum... it is important to not forget...

The Ugly:
I thought we would save a lot of walking and take a hop on/hop off bus tour. 

It was expensive:
So many fees added on to an already pricey ticket...
That is the price for the two of us for just one day! (It would have been just $20 more for a second day... but we couldn't make that work with all of the unexpected things that came our way.) They called it a 24 hour ticket... but I think they were only running for about eight hours... so close.

And, the tour didn't really go all that well...

We couldn't find where to meet the bus... and the customer service number wasn't answered on the weekend so that wasn't any help. After a while I noticed a group of people clutching the same paperwork running around the same area that we were.. and we joined forces.. but we still just happened upon one of the buses at a totally different location than the one we were trying to find!

There were lots of branches hitting us in the head...

The routes weren't marked and it was awful to find where the bus would be picking us up after a stop.

AND when we got on a bus to get out to Georgetown... the bus stopped at Union Station... and the announcement came on that to continue our tour we needed to get on the bus in front of us.

We got on that bus.. it took off... they started telling us the route... it was the same route we had just finished 20 minutes ago... it didn't go to Georgetown. Damn.

I asked them to let us off.. they finally did... we raced back to Union Station... about four blocks through traffic and construction with an 86 degree temp and high humidity....  and we got on a different bus... with a yellow sign... only to be told that wasn't the right bus either... apparently the yellow sign in the window was just a legal pad... Damn.

So... we went back to the bus we had gotten off of originally. After sitting there for a few minutes there was an announcement that to continue the tour we had to get on the bus in front of us. What?????

For our nearly $80... we probably walked/ran just about as much as we would have if we had just taken the Metro.... Oh well, live and learn?
The evening tour we took the night before was FANTASTIC! (That one was with a different company.) If you are going to DC and want to know more about it... just ask!

My weekend was great on the whole. Hope your weekend didn't suck!

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