Monday, July 30, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (Week 14)

Yep, it is Monday... sorry about that... but it really isn't my fault...

It is time for me to link up with Kati and Kate for the GBU from my weekend... here goes:

The Good:
(And the Stern German bought me a new box of Crisp White! Both of these are good things.)

Kati used this image last week and I thought it was the best one I had seen:
I had heard that Iran was protesting one of the logos because it looked like it spelled "Zion." If this was the one... that would be a stretch.

My favorite events would have to be beach volleyball and swimming... so far. Actually even skulling sculling is mildly interesting if you drink enough wine.
The Bad:

Yep, that would have to be the bad part of my weekend, too. I sat down in the basement for hours upon hours. I never really watch tv... and I was so sick of sitting there... by the end of the opening ceremonies (which really did seem to last forever) I was sprawled across the couch with my head on the Angsty Teen's lap... just couldn't get comfortable... way too much sitting for me. Even a couple glasses of Crisp White didn't help all that much...

The Ugly:
Nope, it is not that the Olympics are on... although... did you see water polo? Too many Speedos...

The Ugly would have to be that I found out that the Stern German is able to break into people's houses... with a credit card... how is that even a real thing? Thought that was a made up thing.

My friend who is out of town asked me to go to her house and get her son's medication and mail it to her. Their spare key wasn't where it was supposed to be.

We looked all around and tried all the doors... all locked up. I checked the hiding place for the key from a couple years ago... the key was there... but all the locks had been changed.

I was thinking that she could fax me a photocopy of her key and I could go to Walmart and have been cut a key from the photocopy... I think that's a real thing...

But  when I came into the garage to tell the Stern German that idea... he was putting his Cabela's credit card back in his wallet... and the house door was open...
Seriously? Pretty sure this little trick of his will somehow land me in the slammer... wouldn't mind the break from my life... but don't think they would let me bring my box of Crisp White... dang.

I asked the Stern German where he learned that little felonious trick.. and he said, "All I can say is that my father was wrong when he said that my college education was a waste."
They both look so innocent... 
What? Who is this man? How did I not know that he could do this.... Wonder what else he has been hiding from me...

Have a great Monday! Would love to hear the GBU of your weekend!
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