Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cooking up a Solution!

It has been years since I have been responsible for potty training anyone. My three year old grand boy discovered the joys of peeing outside... so his mom jumped on that this summer... he's doing great.

When the Angsty Teen was nine months old, she'd pee every time I'd go to change her diaper...  and then she would laugh... Really? I thought if she had that much control over her bodily functions that she should be using a toilet.

Now I have a new problem... it is with... a toddler... yeah, that's it... a really, really big toddler.

Okay, that's not true. But it is with someone who kind of acts a lot like a todder... a really, really big toddler: my geriatric father.

I guess it isn't really potty training... but... well, maybe it is. I think we may need to work on knowing (before 20 seconds beforehand) when he's "gots to use it".

But, I'm guessing that with old age and several doses of diuretics throughout the day... that maybe this can't be helped? Getting old is definitely not for sissies.

An older lady I know has this in her living room:
Click on the source to buy your own!
So here are possible solutions to the problem at hand... wait, that's why I wear gloves... so the problem isn't at hand...

Anyway... maybe we just need to set an alarm on my phone and make sure that when we are out that he gets to the bathroom every 45 minutes. That might work. Or we could invest in this watch:

Wait...  on Sunday... he'd gone twice at church...  but by the time we left, loaded up, drove around the lake... and got about 8 blocks from home he said he really had to go to the bathroom... And by the time we got him out of the car... it was too late. Looked like they had lakefront property...

Somedays are definitely better than others.

Trying to help him keep his dignity... but... really not wanting to deal with this mess constantly.

So.. maybe the alarm might work... but maybe not.

Maybe a sticker chart? That man loves food... of any kind... so... he could earn a treat... if he gets three stickers... for three days without an accident... wait, that might be too difficult... three hours without an accident? three ten minute sessions without an accident? Hmmm...getting a little tricky...

Found this helpful chart on the Huggies website (had to make it big so it could be read!):

I added two more lines to the chart:

The next one read: You're chair was dry!

And then (my favorite): You held it til you got home and it was someone else's problem!

Kind of needing to claim the Walmart cheer... "What's our goal?" "Accident Free!"

Or maybe I just need a sign out front that states:
Hours are probably better to start with than counting entire days... that might be blank forever!
I guess I will have to keep working on this one.

In the meantime my heart was warmed by Kati's solution if I have this problem when I'm older...

"You are a saint. I'm not wiping your butt and I'm not gonna take you out of the house on outings if you poop your pants."

I asked, "What if I just pee my pants?"

She said. "I'm not gonna take you on outings if you pee your pants either. I will just come sit with you at your house and drink with you. I feel like you would like that better anyway."

I'll drink to that.
Linking up with these guys... but I don't have a recipe to share... I'm just trying to cook up a solution!


  1. Just yesterday I saw Depends for men that are gray and look just like tightly-whities (at Target). I was joking that I was gonna have to buy them for my husband one day...but sounds like you could use them now! Glad you are keeping your sense of humor through it!

    1. It is funny you'd mention those... had bought them to keep with me for "emergencies" - but decided earlier today that ever morning might be considered an emergency! Let me know if you need me to bring you a couple of them... just to keep on hand!

  2. I am not sure if I should laugh or be sad since my mother and MIL will be at that stage soon! Oh what the heck, I will be too. Love the food solutions. Love the alcohol solution too!