Friday, August 17, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 16)

It's Friday... and it has been another busy week. Here are the five highlights of my week:

1.  Kati started her first day of school as a teacher... and when I asked her to take a 1st day of school pic... she did!
1st day teaching!
Angsty Teen: 1st day of 4th grade
Kati: 1st day of senior year
1st day of kindergarten!
2. I signed my geriatric father up on Spacebook. 
Keeping up with his two younger brothers... they're 80 and 76!
     Me:  You're now on Facebook.
     Him:  Hey, I'm on Spacebook....
     Me:  Yep, you're on Facebook.
     Him:  Is it Spacebook?
     Me:  No, it's FACEbook.
     Him:  Spacebook?
     Me:  (Patting him on the face) It's FACE... FACEbook.
     Him:  Oh, okay... Spacebook.
     Me:  Yep.... Spacebook.

3. Yesterday after bringing my dad back from his PT appointment... my mom was napping and I got my dad down to nap... and this was sitting on the loveseat:
Thought I'd be helpful and fold it...

I could do it in five minutes, it would take my mom about 20 minutes...

So I reached out to grab a pair of my dad's knit shorts to fold.

I hesitated... I wondered if this was really a basket of clean clothes...

I gingerly touched the shorts on the leg...(that seemed safe) the shorts were a little damp... this really doesn't mean a thing... this could still have go either way!

Touched another pair... they were warm... again, that could mean anything...

Had to do the sniff test...

Yay! They were clean! Definitely a highlight of my week.

4. The Angsty Teen has been mostly pleasant this week.. okay... she was gone for over 12 hours a day with volleyball and marching band... but when she was here she was kind of pleasant...nuts, actually:

Add caption
5. I bought Kati a subscription to Birchbox for her birthday last year... it is a great gift. Most of you know what it is... but if you don't know the recipient gets a box of fun makeup, beauty products, and some other things (some sample-sized and some full-sized) every month.

If you want to sign up for Birchbox... let me know... I think I get something for getting people on board! 
I made up my own version and sent to Kati this week. This was the note I put inside:
The box had lots of fun little things in it...
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  1. I love Kati's "first" pics!!!! She doesn't look like she's aged at all since that senior photo!

  2. Hey thanks for visiting my blog (Love This Life) I'm following you now :)

    Spacebook! lol That is so funny!

  3. How was her first day of teaching? I'm a teacher, 4th grade! The first couple days are always awesome and exhausting!!!

    Found you via High Five for Friday, and I can't wait to read more!


    1. It was good... you can read about it at