Thursday, August 16, 2012

Making Wise Parenting Choices

The Angsty Teen hurt her knee at volleyball the other day...and she didn't play all afternoon.

I looked at it when she got home... but because she's a teen girl and I'm her mom, she is pretty sure that I don't know anything. (Definitely just a minor muscle thing... nothing major...that I did know!)

I knew that I needed to heap concern and care on her... So I oohed and ahhed over her... and catered to her every whim. I got her ibuprofen, an ice pack (well, a bag of frozen peas), helped her elevate it, and proceeded to be very worried about her...
That is not elevated high enough, girl.
Wine Time
I was so concerned that I suggested going to Walmart to get a knee brace before marching band... which we did. (Really, for $13 it kept her relatively quiet.. and yes, we put it on her knee... not in or around her mouth...)

Today she called me and left me a message while I was wiping helping my geriatric father's butt at Walmart. She said the trainer wasn't at school and she thought she needed to go to the doctor.

At this point I know enough to just agree... it's just money, after all... let her hear from the doctor that it isn't too serious. (Just about this time I could see the doctor saying it is a major thing... requiring surgery...)

Long story short... (is it already too late for that?) nothing is really wrong... nothing that required x-rays or an MRI... but she injured a muscle (did I not say that?) and needs to rest it for a few days.

She had plans for the evening. I was pretty sure she should stay home...

Maybe I am a wimp... or maybe I am just smarter than I look... but I know that as soon as I make her stay home... she would be ornery and not pleasant to be around... and SHE WOULD BE HOME... WITH ME.... ALL EVENING...
Not the whole evening!
So, I act like I am really thinking she should stay home... but I totally let her decide her plans (which I know means she will go)... I mean, in four long short years she will be making all of her own decisions... this is just preparing her for that.

Me: Do you think there will be a lot of walking tonight? (I would rent you a wheelchair so that you leave for the evening.)

Me: Are you thinking you should stay home and rest the knee? (My answer to that is heck, no.)

Me: Are you sure you will be okay? (Happier with her friends than at home.)

Dealing with all of this... is exhausting... and it makes me thirsty...
Really thirsty...
Please, please, please decide to go for the evening...

And.... drum roll please.....She decided to go... YAY!

But now my box of wine is empty...

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  1. Oh boy, what we put our parents through is a wonder. And now with a little one of my own, I can only hope it will be less painful during her teenage years, although I know perfectly well it's going to be a battle for many, many years.

    Well played on your end. I'm sure your daughter thinks she won =)

    1. Your last sentence made me laugh out loud! I think you are right!

  2. Box of wine and a teenagers? We're destined to be friends! I found you on the Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop!

  3. Well played, well played. Found you on the thirsty thursday blog hop

  4. Your posts are so funny. Love them! I would love to follow you via email. Do you have a way I can subscribe via email?

    BTW, I nominated you for a Liebster Award. Your blog is a lot of fun and your posts make me laugh. For details about the award, visit my the post I wrote about it at

    1. I have absolutely no idea how I could make it so you could follow me via email. I will... hey, wait... look below this... down at the bottom right corner.... it says "subscribe by email"... on my screen... maybe??? I haven't ever noticed that before.... wonder how long it has been there? Let me know if it works for you!

    2. Maybe that was just a button for me to get notices on follow up comments. Damn...

    3. I think if you go to Design > Layout > add a gadget, then select"follow by email" that should do it. Mine is a little different because I went through Feedburner like five years ago and don't remember what I did. I follow you through google friend connect, but I "follow" so many that I don't read it, so I subscribe via email to the ones I really want to read. Don't tell anyone. ;-)