Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Pinteresting Recipe

Today I got a text from someone that I don't know very well. She said she was going to can and if I wanted to go with her she would be leaving by 3:15.

1. I had just seen her a few hours before and we never talked about doing anything.
2. I didn't know what "can" was.
3. I got the message at 3:55.

So I texted her back:
I guess I wasn't invited anywhere...  how depressing...  and I still don't know where she was going!

But I was invited out a little later! I was tired but decided to go... as long as we could watch the gold medal match in women's beach volleyball.

I figured I should bring a snack.

Yesterday I shared this pin with you and this is what I decided to make:

It is a Turtle Cheesecake Ball with chocolate dippers. (Click on the name for the recipe.)

I kinda/sorta followed the recipe:

  I didn't think I needed to add the butter.

  I used French vanilla pudding (sugar-free).

  I substituted almond extract for the vanilla.

  I toasted the pecan pieces a bit.


  Didn't miss the butter.

  Don't think it really needed the pudding. (Just add less syrup so it doesn't need to thicken as much.)

  The almond extract was fantastic.

  Toasting the pecan pieces made them even better.

Just keep adding powdered sugar until it takes cheesecakey. (What? I thought that would be a word!)

Also, I don't think those are chocolate graham cracker dippers... they look like they are chocolate dipped sticks of some kind. We don't have anything like that in my town.

We are a pretty homogenous place... even our graham crackers are all the same:
I finally found chocolate animal crackers... so while it didn't look as classy as the picture...  this was a delicious treat!
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