Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Not sure what has been going on in my head this week... but I noticed that I mostly pinned snarky comics... hmmm.... wonder what the deal is?

This is how my life's been going with T-Mobile. I'm not their biggest fan... in fact... I am probably their biggest unfan.... kind of ridiculous to be waiting eight months for rebates...

Not sure this applies to anyone in particular... wait, maybe it does... to several people. There are people that just love to hear themselves talk... and talk... and talk... and talk... and talk... and yep, I love this sound best of all:

I am pretty sure this is true....

But this? This basically sums up my days... except there's no beer...

A recent conversation with my geriatric mother went something like this:
Me: The Angsty Teen starts captain's practices on Monday.
GM: Oh, I didn't know she was a captain.
Me: She's not a captain...
GM: So she doesn't have to go?
Me: She still needs to go.
GM: But I thought you said she wasn't a captain.

There are days when my life feels totally exhausting...

On the bright side... this looks like a fun project:
It is a tie dye shirt made with Sharpie markers!

These scones look fantastic... might have to try this recipe...

My stepdaughter's three year old loves Yo Gabba Gabba... and I think he is a great kid... but there is no way I would ever try to make this for him:

It is kind of disturbing... and also... it definitely looks like Brobee is pooping out the string beans on this picture.. and what is with Muno? Have you seen him?

He looks like a part of male anatomy that has genital warts. Such a bizarre show...

Happy Pinning! Have a great week...


  1. Haha, someecards are never not funny :)

    1. True... inappropriate, perhaps... but never not funny!

  2. I did those tie dye shirts with the kids I work with. So awesome! They loved it and they came out great!

    1. That is good to know... thinking of doing that with a three year old and then again with a legally blind 82 year old... both sound challenging!

  3. I LOVE the someecards! I cannot get enough of them either! Happy Wednesday!

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