Monday, August 6, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays!

Did you survive your Monday? I did... didn't need the kit any of the three times I had to race my dad to the bathroom, so that is exceptional. (That makes the bathroom trips sound so much simpler than they actually were, but it could have been worse!)

What tasty thing do I have to share with you? Well, yesterday I was reading a blog by Jen Grantham called Crafty Home Improvement (Mis)Adventures. She made these:
These always make me laugh. I have seen the pint jar glasses... but never had seen directions on how to make them. She does a good job of explaining where she found stuff and how she did it.

I read a few more of her posts... one took us back to a Christmas craft post and she mentioned while she and her brother (who was making ornaments with her) were waiting for their ornaments to dry they "may or may not have had a few of these Orange Julius Cocktails." Hahaha.

I read on... and the recipe was's so simple! (The recipe is down below the picture of her brother drinking this wondrous concoction.)

These are the ingredients:
Okay, I am not a complete idiot... but the only thing I had thought to put Whipped Cream Vodka in was hot chocolate... and since it is about 90-95 degrees out... I hadn't bought any yet!

So... all she said to do was mix a shot of the vodka, a shot of orange juice, and add some Sprite.

Sprite was $1.38 for two liters... 7-up was only $1.... plus I thought Diet 7-up would be a good choice.
SOOOO good!
I haven't had an Orange Julius in years, but she might have nailed it... or close enough for only three ingredients...or it could be called a Dreamsicle Cocktail! 

That's the recipe I am sharing with you today. Check out Jen's blog... make some Redneck glassware! 

If I were to make some Redneck Wine Glasses for the Stern German's family... I would probably need to invest in quart jars... only because I don't think they come in gallon size...just sayin'... 

Linking up with these folks... and while I was waiting for this blog post to dry I may or may not have had a few of these Orange Julius Cocktails:


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out! Aren't they so good?! They're surprisingly not super sweet and sugary like you'd expect. So glad you tried them! You most certainly made my day.

  2. Glad to put a smile on your face... the OJulius Cocktail did that for me! :)