Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays!

Today my grown up daughter officially begins her teaching career... well, there have been new teacher training days and inservice days... but this is the day the students show up!

Hey, Kati, so proud of you! You are awesome. You will do great. They are fortunate to have you on board. So smart, they are, to have hired you.

After wanting to make this Lemony Pasta Salad recipe (clicking on the name will get you to the recipe!) for a couple of weeks... I finally procured some avocados which meant I had all the ingredients on hand... this is the end result:
Hmmm... I think all the mozzarella
sank to the bottom of the bowl...
My ingredients...

The recipe called for fresh pearl mozzarella cheese... they don't sell that in my small town.

(Also, they don't really sell good avocados... too hard when you want a ripe one... too soft when you want to have a ripe one in a few days... and so expensive.)

The only other change I made was that I realized that I had used my lemon that I had bought for this for something else... so I used a lime... I can't imagine in would be any better with a lemon. This was pretty good!

Oh, I also switched the vinegar... only because I didn't have white wine vinegar...only red wine...

And, I made a recipe and a half of the dressing so that it wouldn't be too dry.

Oh, and I added additional salt and a nice amount of pepper...

And, I made it with penne pasta instead of bowtie.

I didn't exactly grill the corn... I roasted it in the oven... it was fine.

Other than that... I followed the recipe exactly.... I think.

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