Monday, August 6, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! (Week 15)

The weekend is over... and it's time for me to once again link up with Kati and Kate for:
Incorporating Color
The Good: A good present
My stepdaughter had a birthday party for her two boys... both born the same day two years apart... guess they figured out how to celebrate the end of harvesting...

Anyway, this is what we gave the three year old:
It's called a Stomp Rocket... for ages 3 and up. You put it on the launcher and stomp on it. Apparently it is easy enough for a three year old to do by himself/herself. Looked like fun.

We stayed at the party until other people started to leave... but we never saw the boy play with the Stomp Rocket... he was too busy with a different toy...

The Bad: A much better present
This is the toy he got from another set of grandparents:
Really? Dang. Kind of tough to compete with that business!

The Ugly: Constantly present
The Angsty Teen was around a lot this weekend... that isn't necessarily bad... but here is a brief recap.

She looks a little demented...
AT THE TOY STORE ... she kept following me closely sticking this rodent in my face/neck/back while making rodenty noises...
AT THE BOOKSTORE the Angsty Teen kept following me around spastically pointing out children's books she liked.

Then she was reading the Dr. Seuess book about Otto the fish who grew and grew... and got way too big.... kind of like her feet.... (Thought her feet were done growing, but they just grew a whole size.)
 A Fish Out of Water
AT HOME... when she wasn't angsty... she was a little crazy...
Jumping in and out of the bathroom... while I was trying to go the bathroom.... really?
and she got all up in my business. I was sitting in my chair... my favorite chair... she just came and laid on the arm of my chair... and just kind of hung out with on me...that wasn't annoying at all...
 This helped...
Yep, drinking in the bathroom... while I let the Angsty Teen style my hair...
but then I ran out of tequila... that was really ugly.

What was great about your weekend?

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