Monday, August 20, 2012

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly (Week 17)

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So here we go... let me tell you about my weekend!

The Good GREAT: Mango slicer
I love OXO brand kitchen stuff!
Last summer I had to cut up over a dozen mangos/mangoes ( says both ways are right!) It was an AWFUL job. They were slippery and sticky, and it was hard to cut around the pit. Thought I was going to cut a finger off.

Bought this at a garage sale last fall for about 15 cents and used it Saturday for the first time.

So easy... ended up with a little fruit to cut off the pit... and just scooped the rest out of the skin! Might need to buy me more mangos/mangoes!

The Bad: I bought the wrong Chianti. Thought this was the cheap one I liked... but I was wrong.
A whole gallon...of a nasty wine.
Had to think of a way to use this wine up... so I made Sangria! Basically the wine, some cranberry juice concentrate, and some cut up fruit. (If I lived in New Orleans, I would probably walk around with this in a travel cup all the time... they let you do that down there...)

This is the empty pitcher... it was so good.
But there's enough Chianti to make it again tomorrow!
And it went well with the layered Eggplant Parmesan that I made for supper:
The Stern German was unamused at the lack of meat in the meal.

The Ugly: I finally found the chicken.

Earlier this summer I bought this chicken at a garage sale. I didn't grow up on a farm, and I don't need chickens in my decor to be happy. But it made me laugh.

Kati is kind of the same. So when we went to visit her earlier this summer... I hid it up on a cupboard above her built-in desk. You could see it if you were deliberately looking up at the cupboard.

A couple of weeks later when I was talking to her on the phone, she let out a holler... "Did you put a chicken in my apartment?" Yep, that was me.

Kati isn't really gonna get back up to Minnesota very often, plus the joke would be on her if she did try to hide it in my home... it would probably remain undiscovered amidst the chaos of:
  1. my stuff
  2. the crafting stuff I plan to use someday
  3. family memorabilia
  4. the projects I plan to start and/or finish someday
  5. the Stern German's stuff
  6. ALL the Angsty Teen's stuff
  7. some remnants of Kati's stuff
  8. boxes of my parents' stuff
  9. piles of the Stern German's parents' stuff
  10. etc. 
... for years and years to come. In fact, that bird might never be found!

When I was down helping Kati set up her room a few weeks ago she told me she was going to put the bird in her classroom.

Imagine my surprise when I (finally after being home for a few weeks -  that is pretty much the "ugly" part... that it took me so long to discover that bird!) decided to unload the last few things out of my overnight bag... and there was... the chicken.

Well played, Kati. If you were here, I would toast you with some Sangria... Wait, the pitcher is empty. Maybe I will make some more and toast you from afar... or maybe I will just go eat the wine-infused oranges from the bottom of the pitcher... Wouldn't want to get scurvy on this journey called life!

Hope your weekend was great! Would love to hear about your good, bad, and ugly moments!

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  1. I was wondering why you hadn't mentioned finding it yet... :)