Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Perfect Cup of Coffee...

All the people who tell you how to save money say you shouldn't buy your coffee at Starbucks or any another coffee place all the time because it is so expensive.

That advice is not going to save me money, because I don't like any coffee but the stuff I make... every day... in my French press. When it turns out perfectly... it is magical.

The Stern German ordered a press for me for me around the time of my birthday from Starbucks and with it there was a home delivery service of coffee each month. I think that was about ten years ago!

He TOTALLY lucked out and the package was actually delivered right on my birthday.  Even a blind chicken gets a piece of corn now and then.

My favorite coffee beans? Used to be Starbucks Komodo Dragon. But then that roast changed and I didn't like it as much. Now it is Caribou Obsidian.... dark and oily.... those are things I like in my beans... and opening a new package smells sooooo good.
Nothing better than opening a new bag of beans!
Here's how to make a fantastic cup of French Pressed coffee:

Put two cups of distilled water into a tea kettle (important to use distilled):
I love my Le Creuset T.J. Maxx special.
Start heating the water on a medium to medium high heat. You don't want the water to come to a full boil. That seems to make the coffee taste bitter... so just when the pot starts to sputter steam... you want to turn it off and pour it out.

While you are waiting for the water to heat up, put two semi-heaping scoops of beans into your grinder. (The measuring spoon came with the press.)
Grind the beans on an espresso setting... and pour them into your press:
I love my orange Bodum press.
When the water starts to get steamy... turn it off and pour it into the press:
 Stir the grounds and water together with a NON-METAL stirrer. I use a chopstick!
Apparently I just really like orange... I even have an orange chopstick!
Set a timer for four minutes:

When the timer is done press your coffee press plunger down RIGHT AWAY!!!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT... I can definitely tell when my coffee has been sitting in the press longer than the requisite four minutes.

Slowly, slowly press the coffee to the bottom of the press:
 Pour into a favorite mug... and enjoy!
My mugs are lots of different colors... but the orange one always makes me smile.
I only drink about half of the coffee... and then I'm done. It is strong and dark... so good.

I don't like flavored or sweetened coffees... but if you do, try adding what you need to it. It is a great, smooth cup of coffee.

That's what I like. If I actually get to sit in my favorite chair (yes, it has orange in it as well...) and drink my coffee... it is a treat.

Usually I end up pouring it in a travel cup and taking it over to start my morning with my parents. It isn't as great drinking it from a travel cup... All of this has made me decide to try to drink my coffee at home, in my orange mug, in my favorite chair... I think my days would be much better if I did that.

So in a nutshell:
     Use distilled water/don't bring the water to a full boil/don't miss the timer!

Kind of a dull post... but I hope you try making coffee in a French press... and I hope you love it! Let me know if you do!
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  1. Ooh I hear you I love to make coffee with the French press but I got lazy since I bought one of those machines with the pods in them.
    Popping over from the Bass Giraffe blog hop!