Thursday, September 6, 2012

High Five for Friday! (Week 19)

Hey! It really is Friday.... I have thoroughly enjoyed the Angsty Teen being in school... although getting up at 5:45 to make her a spinach fruit smoothie and put her lunch together is not so great. (I'm vying for the Mother of the Year Award...  but, I will probably screw it up.... again.)

Hope you have some fun plans for the weekend. We will be living the marching band parents' dream this weekend... paying nice, big entry fees to watch our kid in the same show at two different competitions on the same day. yay.

Highlights of my week?
1. Birthday presents bought and Christmas shopping started...
This is a necessity in this house... my girls have November/December birthdays... So I gotta plan ahead and be prepared... I keep a running list all year long of gift ideas... otherwise when this time of year comes I'm pretty much stymied.

2. Angsty Teen doesn't want my help to cover her text books... They kind of look like junk... but that's not my problem...
Seriously? Just fold them to the right size... they won't get ripped off as fast.
 I do have a dilemma... this is her social studies book cover:

If my teenage son had a picture of a hot girl in a bikini on his book cover I wouldn't want it to stay there... I'm not sure this is different. When I told her that it might have to come off I got the, "Other kids have book covers like this." line.

Hmmm... really? That's not a line of logic that works on me.  Thoughts?

 (I'm pretty sure it can stay on for tomorrow... she has a volleyball game tonight and won't be home until late... not the time to fight this battle... maybe on Saturday...I'm smarter than I look.)

3. The roof leaked... well, that's not a highlight... but I had a pretty ingenius way to absorb the water so I could just go to bed.... Wouldn't want to leave a pail in the middle of the dark bathroom doorway... the Stern German might just kick the bucket.... hmmm... maybe a bucket would've been fine... just kidding... maybe.
Such ugly flooring...
4. We survived the week of marching band, volleyball, and school!
At this away game this week... this cute little thing was the line judge...
Then I noticed the line judge on the other side of the net. How cute.... they're twinsies!

5. I remembered that Kids + Water = FUN! 
Happy to be playing on the front porch with lots of water.
The longer he sits here... the warmer the water gets.... hmmmm....

This was Auntie Angsty Teen showing off her sweet scientific skills... (Not sure if the video will work... hopefully it does...I tried to embed it... and it didn't work. I tried sending through Google+  and then I couldn't find it! Then I tried whatever it was I tried... and it looks like it might work... but I can't remember what I did. Dang.)
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  1. im pretty sure i would have a problem with the half naked guy on the front of her book too. although i dont have a daughter (and my son isnt here yet) so i really cant say. im sure you will figure it out :)

  2. i'm sorry about your floor! I should start doing christmas shopping!

  3. You got the video working - woo hoo! That literally made my night yesterday evening! :)

  4. I love band comps!!!!!!!!! Good luck to them!