Friday, September 14, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 20)

It's Friday! This weekend brings another marching band competition... it will be a fun day... (you know, the power of positive thinking and all...) especially if I'm the one that drives. (Unfortunately, that means no flask... how sad.)

It's time for me to tell you the five highlights of my week.

1. I've had a great view out my dining room window at night:
I know that that picture doesn't look like it should be a highlight of my week... but, trust me, it is...

My Neighbor Who Watches Us has been out of town for over a week! I've actually had my curtains open... because no one is watching us!
So nice to get some daylight in the dining room windows.... such a small yard...
2. My dad and I made an apple pie and it was delicious!

I got the recipe from this blog: The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

This blogger mentioned how she had made a pie with her young children as helpers... I thought, "Shoot, I bet my geriatric, blindish father could help with that."

The crust had eggs and vinegar in it... kind of different... but turned out great and was easy to roll out.
Cracking eggs like a boss...
Yep, the blind guy has another knife...
and only one small flesh wound...

3. The Angsty Teen is in the Sound of Music.
She must have been inspired from our vacation pic I entitled:
A Vacation Like Nun Other
Our high school is doing a fall musical... and apparently being in marching band and volleyball isn't quite enough for her. She really wanted to be a nun... that was her first choice.

It will be a fun show... and rehearsals are across the street from our house.

4. I signed up for the first volleyball pasta party of the season... and survived the night!
Some of the extremely good eaters at the pasta party...

So many carbs...
Bonus highlights of the party:
  • We had enough food.
  • I was smart enough to ask another mom to host it with me.
  • She's the chef where my parents live, and we had the party in the conference room there!
  • We had great pasta and amazing Cheesy Garlic Bread.
  • I'm done for the season!
The Cheesy Garlic Bread recipe was from The Small Things Blog. Click to get the recipe.

5. My dad put his underwear back on! (That sounds like a sad highlight, but I'm happy with it.)
Bet you're glad I didn't post a picture of that business...
My mom is sick and she called me to come help my dad for a little bit... I am at their place as I type this. I did pills and insulin... the CPAP...(that word looks a lot like "CRAP")... and he went to the bathroom for the second time in 20 minutes.

I came into the bedroom to help him with his sleeping/CPAP mask... again... and he is sitting on the edge of the bed... pants-less. Seriously? I don't get paid enough for that business... Wait, I don't get paid at all. Damn.

I told him he had to put his underwear back on... and he said he didn't want to... This is a lot like caring for a toddler... a large, uncooperative, obstinant two year old. (Sorry if I'm sounding a little negative... I'm tired... and I want to be at home...)  

Told him he didn't have a choice because "I don't want to have to be seein' your ding dong whenever you need help." So... yay! Pants are on... because pants are not optional in this situation.

I hope you have a great weekend. I hope you have some tasty food and fun times with friends and/or family. And, I hope all the old farts you see keep their pants on... but really.


  1. From experience, I know, we all must keep a sense of humor! Without it, we would go crazy! Have a good weekend!

  2. "Pants are not optional in this situation" -- love that quote!

    In all seriousness, though, you do SO MUCH for those parents of yours and I have tons of respect for you! :) I know I couldn't do that day in and day out!