Friday, September 28, 2012

High Five for Friday (Week 22)

It's Friday... not sure that is a big deal to me... that means that the Stern German and the Angsty Teen will be home over the weekend... but let's hear it for familial obligations and school activities that will keep the aforementioned duo busy and out of the house for part of the weekend! (I sound like a horrible person...)

Here are five of my highlights from my week:

1. The Stern German has been out of town all week for work.

Pro: I didn't have to cook real meals... & he wasn't home at 2:20 pm every single day.
Con: The Stern German's BFF needed my attention... constantly.
Riding shotgun... thinking he's all that.
2. I learned what Gangnam style is:

Pro: Kind of catchy... definitely fun.
Con: The tune is stuck in my head.

My girls (last weekend) did a little number for me...

My phone says the video was uploaded to youtube twice... but I can't get it to show up on youtube... maybe you won't get to see it... that's sad.

This might work...

Nope... dang.

Maybe this will work... woohoo! Looks like it will work! My video posting skills along with my video recording skills need a lot of work.

3. I was grateful that this wasn't my job...

Pro: It could be fun?
Con: Just about everything you can think of in regard to this job.
Lots of fresh air, but...
17th floor... no thanks.
4. I still made some good food... even though I didn't have to!

Pro: It is fun to cook... for fun!
Con: It is not fun to clean up the kitchen even if you were cooking for fun.
I made two different kinds of meatballs; roasted a turkey; made corn, potato, & chicken chowder, and...
fresh salsa
 and I roasted red peppers.

5. I cleaned out my closet! (I emptied everything out and started fresh.)

Pro: Found some things I didn't remember I had.
Con: So much work...
Before                                                   After
Everything falls on the floor... and just stays in a heap...
Ta da! (Gotta love $2 crates)
Purging! Garbage and things to donate...
Okay... I'll be honest... this was all garbage. I had two big bags of things to donate, too.

Also, I found this:
Yep, a little cashola...

I was sooo excited... but then I looked at the front of the envelope...
Really? She must have owed me money??? (We'll see if
she actually reads my blog and tries to claim the money.)

It was a lot of money... wish it was mine... oh well... if she doesn't claim it...

Have a great weekend! Check back on Monday when I link up with Kati and Kate to tell you:
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