Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No Tasty Tuesdays

Not sure I am going to link up with my Tuesday folks anymore. Why? Well...

1. I don't think anyone new looks at my blog on those days.

2. I'm sure the person with the one site I link up with, even though she might be a very nice person, is just a lazy something or another. Really? You post a recipe once a week. How hard is that? One recipe a week... and she has like a bajillion followers. How does that work? (No, really, I want to know so I can imitate your style!)

My theory is that most everyone thinks they should be the next Food Network Star... and they post recipes for others to see... not to get recipes.

So today I'm not posting a recipe... Instead, I'll tell you about some things I like.

I like my haircut...
It won't ever look this good again... but really.
Yesterday my geriatric mother said, "Your hair doesn't look any different than it did before you got it cut." Okay, I can live with that... but then she went on to say, "Do you ever think of getting it cut short again? You were so pretty with short hair." Ummmm, thanks?

I like things that keep children entertained for a long time...
Liberace outfits for Christmas?
I like help watering my plants...
Thanks, buddy.
I like being in the know... except I never am!

Last night on the phone Kati explained to me that Amy Poehler was married to the gay guy from 30 Rock (such a funny show). I think she may have explained this to me a long time ago... but I'm bad at remembering things like that, I guess. 

Today while my dad was PT I picked up a People magazine... and saw this...
I just figured out you were married... geez.
I like not having school fundraisers... except that's not a real thing.

The Angsty Teen's school volleyball program sold cookie dough... for nets and jerseys. Really? Pretty sure I wrote a big old check for her to be able to participate. Nets? Jerseys? I'm thinking the school should be able to provide those.

So they manipulated motivated her to sell 40 boxes of said cookie dough so that she could get a free warm-up jacket. (She had just ordered a warm-up jacket... but this was even better than the one she shelled out $40 for apparently.)

If you can't beat 'em... (because really? that is frowned upon...) take 'em out to sell cookie dough. (And try to take them to houses of people that don't have school-aged kids anymore... that way you won't have to buy from their kids next week.)

Then one day...
 the dough is sent home...
And it needs to be delivered... NOW! Because it is frozen... and I who has that kind of freezer space?

We're almost done with that business... now (besides school calendars, band raffle calendars, burger fry tickets, and magazine fundraisers that are going on now... and remember... I only have one school-aged kid now) I will need to gear up for the frozen food sale... and the chili feed. I'm sure I'm forgetting some of them... but you get the idea.

How many times have you had to buy from kids selling junk so far this school year?

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  1. Nothing this year, but it was BAD when we lived in our townhouse... Random kids would get dropped off in the neighborhood hoping to score big! We got fo the point of just not answering the door anymore :/