Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tasty Tuesday! (Dinner & a Show)

Every week I try to come up with things to do with my geriatric, bariatric father (GBF) that will help him engage in life and will keep him us out of my mom's hair for a few hours each day.

(And, hey, if it sounds like all I do is spend time with my parents... you might be hearing it right...dang... in the vernacular of the day... my life kinda sucks.)

The main events are:
  • going to Walmart... because they have a nice, big family bathroom
  • going to Physical Therapy... because they have a couple nice big bathrooms... :) but sometimes they are both occupied... :(
  • working out on non-therapy days... because this is at the place where he goes for PT...  they have a couple nice big bathrooms... :) but sometimes they are both occupied... :(
  • cooking/making things... because he loves food and he loves to snack... and the breakfast room in their building is really close to a nice big bathroom...
We've canned two batches of pickles in the past weeks... I'd never done that before. It's too early to taste them... but they should be edible! (Plus he could snack to his heart's content on cukes.)

Yesterday my GBF and I made stuffed peppers and a small meatloaf for him and my mom to have to supper last night and tonight.

I wasn't around when my mom baked this stuff... but this is what this stuff looked like before baking:

I brought along all the equipment we would need... and we used:
one pound of lean burger
half of an onion - chopped
1/2 pkg of Uncle Ben's precooked brown rice
salt & pepper
two red peppers
The packages of plain rice are low in sodium....
My dad chopped the onion after I took off the skin, halved it, and sliced it through so he could easily chop it. (It smelled really strong... and he didn't seem to notice as he chopped... or snacked...)

I cut one of the red peppers in half, my dad cleaned out the membrane and seeds. Well, he did an okay job... but I had to do a little more scraping... and clean up a few dozen pepper seeds from the floor...

While I microwaved the two pepper halves we were going to stuff... for about two minutes... 

I halved the second red pepper I had brought for him... to slice... and to eat... only he thought he was sneaking the pieces.

(Um, excuse me? I am not the legally blind one... I can see you grabbing all those pepper slices... plus there are pieces of pepper in the corners of your mouth... and on your shirt... and stuck in your hair... okay, that last one may or may not have been true.)

Now it was time to blend the mixture. I was pretty sure he wouldn't try to eat the raw burger... but I realized that this could go either way.
Then he started to mix...
and mix...
and mix... and he didn't snack!
We patted 1/4 of the mixture into each pre-cooked pepper and patted the other half into a small pan to be baked as meatloaf.

So as much as this is a lot like taking care of a really big toddler who can be ornery, stubborn, and will never get any better at the potty training business...

The projects/activities are worth it when you see a smile like this... sort of:
He was so proud of those peppers.
My mom baked them at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes.
 Oh, remember that I entitled this post "Dinner and a Show"?

Well, a couple of mornings a week there is an armchair exercise class that is played from a dvd in the other side of the breakfast room where we do our slicing and dicing... and snacking...

Bless these little ladies... they are determined to stay active... (they are actually a couple of the 90+ year olds that get around the best)...
Sitting and moving their arms for warm-ups... and then...
aerobic flailing!
Thought one of them was gonne hit the floor... but it turned out okay...

No one got hurt... my GBF didn't eat raw meat... and he had fun.

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  1. You are so awesome to spend so much time with your parents. The place where they are staying looks pretty nice. I cared for my Alzheimer's Mom for a few years before she was confined to a nursing home, and I just want to say Kudos to everyone who takes the time to make their parents last years as good and comfortable as they can be.

    1. It is a lot of work... thanks for your kind words of encouragement... and for being such a wonderful daughter!