Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays... but not.

I like the idea of posting a recipe for Tasty Tuesdays... but in reality... it might not be as great as I think it is. I will tell you the reasons another day.

Instead, here is a little about my plans for today:

My geriatric father and I went to Walmart yesterday and I really loved this sign... which was in the bathroom... which I had to take him to... which, thank God, we got to in time...

Even though my Spanish isn't exactly fluent... okay, I don't actually speak it at all... I'm pretty sure this should say:
Piso el Floora

I should steal this sign and keep it in my bag near The Kit to put on the back of my geriatric father's wheelchair for when the floor "happens" to be wet from when he went Piso on el Floora!

Tonight... if my luck is better than it was last weekend about getting to actually go to planned events... I'm going to meet some new friends!!!! YAY!

My children tease me quite a bit about the fact that I don't have that many friends... If I ever won a radio contest for a party for me and 20 friends... I'd be screwed. I just don't like that many people... or... maybe that's not exactly true... but I only like most people in small doses. And I don't really have time to hang out with the people I do like anyway...

But tonight is (drum roll, please) the big event for Minnesota bloggers!!!!
Minnesota Bloggers
Cute button!
I'm so excited to actually meet these women... assuming that everything falls into place... I'm missing the Angsty Teen's volleyball game (there are a bajillion left and she doesn't play all that much...but I am masterful at feeling guilty about stuff like that) and waiting to see how my dad's doctor's appointment goes in the morning (please, please, please, help him to be fine)... and hoping my mom's feeling better as she's been sick all week... (that is why you live in an assisted living place... push that damn call button and get some help!)...so that's all tricky.

But... I am planning on being at this event... TONIGHT!

I'm so excited to think that I might actually make it there that I might need the Piso el Floora sign for myself!!!!

Maybe it's time to start entering some radio contests!


  1. Kati told me you were going to this! Have so much fun!!! I can't wait to hear all about it :)

  2. I am excited to finally meet you! I'm totally the same way with friends. We always joke that we don't really like anyone else but the people in our house (and even that's a stretch sometimes). And we didn't buy a raffle ticket last month to win a suite at a Twins game for us and 15 other people because we knew how pathetic it'd look when we showed up with like 2. haha.

  3. Lol! I am betting you will make it! What fun!