Wednesday, September 26, 2012

That's Slightly Pinteresting...

Time for me to show you some of my favorite things from Pinterest!

I mixed up a couple batches of this "paint" for the grandboys to use... but their mom picked them up early... so don't know exactly how it turns out... or if the one year old thought it was tasty... which I'm sure it wasn't... and I'm also sure he wouldn't care...

I will let you know if it last the week... and how it turns out!

When you have a child in The Sound of Music... this one catches your eye:
Better warn your girls, Michelle.

Then there's the Wizard of Oz. I'm pretty sure I've never seen that movie all the way through. Throughout my entire childhood I would get so freaked out over the tornado that I always left the room... by the time I came back I never thought it was worth watching I guess.

I know... that's kind of pathetic. But this made me smile:

Sometimes this is what I hear...

These things also made me laugh:

Oh, Mad Libs.

Last week in school one of the Angsty Teen's teachers told her class that one student a few years ago memorized over 100 places of pi.

Yep, that was her sister, Kati...  maybe we should make this sometime... like on March 14? Gotta find a recipe for gluten-free pi crust!

Cute wedding pic idea...

This is almost true:

Well, these are a few of my favorite things... besides the things I wrote about yesterday.

Time for me to go to go to the Angsty Teen's volleyball game... shoulda pregamed... dang.


  1. I love that Toto pin! My husband and I youtubed that song the other night, and talked for an hour about how amazing it was... then we woke up the next morning confused as to why. ha.

  2. You've got to watch 'The Wizard of Oz!'

    Reading the book is...interesting. This is one of those rare cases when I like a movie better than a book; the book contains too many instances of cruelty to animals. That shizz might've flown in the early 20th century, but it would never fly now.

    I was in Kansas this summer, for my nephew's wedding. I can't say I miss it.

  3. Haha...thanks for the SoM laugh. I'll share it with Thing 1!!

  4. I laughed out loud with the imaginary smart meme. Also, I totally agree with the facebook one. I am sooo ready for this election to be over with.

    I would love for you to stop by and say hi!

    Have a fabulous wednesday!

  5. Haha these pins cracked me up, I agree about the farmville requests!


  6. that pie was soooo cute!!
    happy wednesday!
    xo, sarah grace

  7. I love the {Book Smart} one! So true!