Monday, September 10, 2012

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! (Week 20)

Sorry, it's Monday... already. I had a pretty good weekend... So in linking up with Kati and Kate for...
Incorporating Color
... I have a lot of "good" to tell you!

The Good:
  1. The Angsty Teen's matching marching band (they did match... but.... I'm just tired.) did well.
  2. I listened to Kati and drove the Stern German and myself to the competitions.
  • The Stern German wasn't mumbling about all the idiots on the road.
  • He wasn't mad at me for our lack of communication abilities while I was trying to tell him where to go... like when he is driving the truck... (if I tell him where to go in other situations, I am very clear...) BECAUSE... he wasn't driving!!!!
  • Win/Win.... definitely. 

     3. We found a FANTASTIC Thai restaurant!
Pork-stuffed chicken leg with honey sauce...

Delicious spring rolls
Red Curry Vegetables
Before I could get a picture of the Stern German's meal... it was half gone!
The Bad:
  1. Our marching band looked like little Nazis when they marched on the field a new way with each person having one arm a swingin'. (Not good.)
  2. This is them during their show... no Nazi arms!
  3.  We stopped at a Whole Foods (we don't have them near me...) and.. this awaited me...
Seriously... no guacamole.... dang!
The Ugly:

I have horrible videotaping abilities!

Actually, the first video is really cute... these girls in Apple Valley, MN were directing traffic into the parking lot at the marching band competition. They were so cute... so I asked them if I could video them! (I couldn't remember how I finally got the video on here on Friday... so... hopefully this will work!)
I (thought) I had videoed them twice... but when I went to choose the better one... I realized that my skills were sorely lacking. (It's about two minutes long... no need to watch the whole thing... especially if you get motion sickness!)

Yep, pretty bad...

Well, hope your week is good. I'm sure your weeks are busy... I know mine are! 

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  1. Hey!

    I wanted to tell you that I about died when I read the Nazi Marching Band comment, too funny. They truly look like little soldiers. I love your blog, I just had to look at it after I saw you posted a comment on my blog. What A Cute Blog!

    Chelsee @ Southern Beauty Guide