Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fast before the Feast!

Last year on Thanksgiving Day my girls and I decided to try something VERY different... we ran (for me, I use that term quite loosely) a race on Thanksgiving morning.

The race was called:
I didn't go fast.. but later in the day I did feast...

It was a fantastic Thanksgiving Day!

Since the race was about an hour and a half from our house and because we had to pick up our race packets the day before the race, I got a cheapish room through Priceline.

My girls and I went up to the Twin Cities the night before, had supper at a fun place that had a nice gluten-free menu, picked up our packets, checked into the hotel, and hot tubbed.

Except that there were lots of small children around with their unattentive father and they (the children... hopefully not the dad) looked this they might've been peeing in the hot tub... and they were wrecking the whole relax and unwind atmosphere I was looking for.

A couple days earlier I had made a big regular lasagna and a smaller gluten-free lasagna for Kati... we were going to eat these sometime\ Thanksgiving weekend. (Probably after a Black Friday Shopping Extravagaza!)

But my parents weren't feeling great the day before Thanksgiving Day. They didn't want to leave their place on Thanksgiving and they didn't want us to bring dinner to them until Friday.

So after the race we went back to our hotel, checked out, drove home, popped those lasagnas in the oven and had us a Garfield Thanksgiving... read: we just laid around, watched tv, and ate lasagna. Garfield would've been quite proud of us.
Hence a new tradition has been born... at least for now.

I would love to think that the new tradition would extend beyond just running/walking the race... But this year we will probably be doing Thanksgiving with my parents on Thanksgiving Day... and not the day after... kind of a bummer because it was WONDERFUL to be lazy.

So here we are only five weeks from race day... and I haven't run in for freakin' ever.

Well, I ran some errands... ran over a piece of lumber on the highway... and ran out of wine... but none of these things seem to count.

Now it is time to actually try to be able to maybe, slightly, possibly run part of this dumb race.

This is a site I found last year and used (loosely) as a training guide. It helps you go from being a couch potato to being able to run a 5k... in about two months... so I'm already getting off to a late start. Pair that with the fact that I am nearly 50... (like almost as near to it as you can get without actually being there) along with the fact that I am chubby...

This might actually kill me..
Cool Running
It says I am supposed to go out for a brisk five minute walk, then alternate running 60 seconds and walking 90 seconds.

Wish me luck. I am going to put on workout clothes and running shoes... just getting ready might be all I accomplish today... but really.

Source: facebook.com via Sally on Pinterest

If only I actually looked that cute...

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  1. What a great tradition to start with your girls! Best of luck training for the big day, you can do it!